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Moto Guzzi V8 Sprinter For Drag Racing

This is the Moto Guzzi V8 motorcycle which was one of the fastest bikes of its time, capable of doing over 170 mph (270 km/h) in the mid-50’s. However, even though the bike was only produced for racing purposes for a few years only, the heritage of the 500cc-class V8 beast has endured the passing of time. Now designer Ulfert Jannet of Gannet Design was to revive this look.

Janssen’s latest concepts are blending the unmistakable design cues of the Moto Guzzi V8 with the more contemporary Le Mans transverse twin architecture and the result is a truly interesting one, even though some might find it too peculiar. We can definitely understand that such bulbous shapes are not your thing, the same goes for Craig Vetter’s streamlined highly aerodynamic creations. They’re made for speed and thrills, and not for showing off.

moto-guzzi-sprinter 1955 original_2

The Sprinter concept is somewhat inspired from the shapes of a gannet, and it sort of connects the drag race speed with the way the gannet dives from 200 feet (60+ meters) into the sea to fish. “An interesting dialog between retro design and contemporary elements that blurs the lines between them,” as Ulfert himself says, the use of carbon fiber elements is aimed at performance and looks alike, bridging the gap between the 50’s and the modern times.

moto-guzzi-sprinter 1955 original_1

The blue Moto Guzzi Sprinter is a drag racer, hence the small winglets on either side of the fairing, heling add some extra down force to keep the nose on the track. The black machine also boasts dual projector headlights and is more suitable for longer road races, which also involve night-time laps, say even Le Mans or other 24-hour endurance competitions.

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