Porsche Cayenne 2009 Used Buy Review, 3.6 V6 Preferred


Published on November 27th, 2014 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Porsche Cayenne 2009 Used Buy Review, 3.6 V6 Preferred

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We all have read and know about the controversy mainly among those who value fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness on the viability of owning petrol-guzzling SUVs. However for the well heeled in the community all this means nothing and the only fact important is the ownership of a vehicle that is desirable like a Porsche Cayenne. Long before sports car specialist Porsche decided on introducing a performance SUV, the North American car market which is Porsches biggest sales outlet had already been flooded by huge gas guzzling SUVs and MPVs that rolled out of Detroit and into showrooms with huge success. Thus it is no big surprise that Porsche wanted to tap this lucrative market and in a short few years the Cayenne has become Porsches biggest selling product with huge profits enabling it to be the most profitable car manufacturer in the world with only a small product lineup. Porsche have rewritten the rulebooks recently when they launched the 3rd generation Cayenne and this time they did it with a better performing SUV both on the tarmac as well as the petrol stations. Now is the time for those car owners who have wanted to always own a Cayenne but could not afford its new selling price to start looking at a used one as some owners look to trade up to the newer generation model.

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Porsche targeted the X5 for speed, handling and overall performance and came out winning in more than one area. It was definitely a vehicle that could proudly carry the term ‘sport’ in the sport utility vehicle (SUV). Even more so as the Cayenne holds its value better than the BMW X5 in Malaysia.

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The second-generation Cayenne power unit starts with a larger 3.6-litre V6 and it is shared with the VW Touareg. The V8-powered Cayenne’s used a six-speed automatic with Porsche’s TipTronic manual shift feature. The Cayenne after so many years in the market carriers a similar reliability record and running costs as other Porsche sport cars like the Boxster and 911 models. After some conversations with current owners, there seem to be little problems to highlight on Cayenne’s. One thing that’s certain is that a Porsche Cayenne, like many high-end luxury vehicles, will be expensive to maintain, and out-of-warranty repairs could come with high price tags as well.  The only reoccurring issue seems to be the rear hatch strut, which do seem to hold up well after a few years (possible weak hydraulics) and the high price of replacement parts when they need to be changed. This is not a serious issue as German made cars are expensive to maintain with the stronger Euro against our ringgit and their parts tend to last longer.

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With the high value proposition of the Porsche brand, the resale value of a used 2009 Porsche Cayenne is very strong. 99.9% of first owners globally would not have even driven up a kerb or ride over a speed bump at high speed so you are looking at well maintained and driven units here in the country for sale.

Finding a used unit is not as easy as you might imagine even with so many running around. The reason is simple. Owners love the Cayenne and they are hard pressed to part with a vehicle that offers miles of smiles on the road. The Cayenne is also a capable vehicle and no doubt an attractive proposition for drivers looking for something with the practicality of an SUV with the performance of a Porsche. To get up, close and personal with a quality used Porsche Cayenne visit Naza World (along Federal Highway in PJ) and check their extensive range of Cayenne’s on offer or call 012-332 8116 or 012 332 8141 for an appointment.

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