Porsche Macan ‘S’ SUV Test Drive Review


Published on January 29th, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Porsche Macan ‘S’ SUV Test Drive Review


Here comes an all new Porsche. It is a SUV that sits right below the ever popular Cayenne which is Porsches most profitable product since inception. This new Porsche SUV is called ‘Macan’ and since its introduction to the world about a year ago it has been closely watched by the competition which is rather worried about how much of the sales pie will the Macan take in each and every market it is introduced.


We take the Macan S for a test drive. This is one of the 4 variants that Porsche has released in the Malaysian market. Priced from RM560k, the Macan competes directly with the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Lexus NX. Only the Lexus NX is new to the segment and the next generation Q5 is months away. So how does this Porsche Macan drive?


Macan Drive

What sets this 6-cylinder engine in the Macan apart from any other SUV in this segment is not the sheer power in itself but the way in which it delivers it. It is directly responsive at throttle, providing the driver with velocity entertainment and an intense acoustic feedback. This new engine’s performance is apparent in the way its 6-cylinder engine rapidly revs up, right from the very moment the engine starts. When driving, it ensures an even faster build-up in torque and thus a noticeably quicker responsiveness. In ‘Sport’ mode, which can be selected by a simple button on the centre console, the engine control extracts every last ounce of performance potential from the 6-cylinder engine.


The Porsche Macan’s sound experience is intensified courtesy of its twin-flow Sound Symposer system. The new system comprises two acoustic channels terminating in the A-pillars.


When the driver activates the Sport button, the channels are opened, directing the sound of the intake pulses into the car body cavities, giving the driver audible pleasure.


And yet another feature sets this new Porsche engine apart: it’s Porsche Intelligent Performance. The auto start/stop function, featured as standard, illustrates that efficiency plays a big role even in such a sporty vehicle as the Porsche Macan.


Gear ratios is handled by the 7-speed PDK which comes as standard in the variant we are testing. While the automatic gearbox’s drive ratios remain unchanged, the gear changes are shorter and sportier. Shorter front and rear axle drive ratios exploit the engine’s free-revving characteristics to achieve superior acceleration performance.


Macan Cabin

The mix of exclusivity, high quality and sportiness is also apparent in the Macan’s interior just like in all new Porsche vehicles. It features a leather interior as standard.


Front passengers can get very comfortable in the torso hugging seats and the rear seats offer great comfort for 2 adults and with 3 adults there is a bit of pinching between them.


The coupe like rear profile hinders a little but for basketball players to sit in the rear but overall its decent space in an exclusive cabin. The Porsche Macan also comes equipped with the latest generation of audio and communication systems. The Burmester High-End Surround Sound audio system offers superior total output and sound quality.


Macan Purchase Decision

This is not a SUV for the average SUV driver. This is a focused performance machine that should not be left in the wrong hands…..which means, you need to be a real driver to enjoy and exploit this super SUV. With a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.4 seconds, this SUV can chase down many performance sports cars and probably out handle most of them in most corners. Time for you to take a test drive.


Porsche Macan S Specifications

Engine: Flat-6 24V

Capacity: 2997cc

Transmission: 7-speed PDK

Max Power: 340bhp @ 5500-6500rpm

Max Torque: 460Nm @ 1450 – 5000rpm

0-100km/h: 5.4 secs

Top Speed: 254km/h

Price: From RM560,000.00

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)


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