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Williams Paint Protection by Federal Auto Sport Tuning

If you’ve followed the car detailing scene over the last few years, you’ll know that the products and services on the market out there are getting highly competitive when it comes to restoring your car’s paintwork.

But a lot of these detailing processes are not designed to be preventative and require constant care and attention in order to maintain their lustre. Nor do they last particularly long in day to day conditions, when presented with all kind of debris and substances. Williams Paint Treatment is a suitable solution for your car detailing needs.

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Williams Paint Treatment is starkly different from anything on the market today. Part of it is paint protection, which emulates the effect of products like clear bra or paint protection films. The other part of it is maintaining a strong, deep glossiness like factory fresh paint- which is what standard claying and polishing products aim to achieve.There are two different kinds of paint treatment available from Williams: a synthetic polymer based coating, and a ceramic coating. Both coatings offer high levels of protection for your car’s paintwork, with 3 year and 5 year warranties respectively.


The Paint Treatment process is fairly simple and straightforward. Much like any detailing service, it begins with a good clay and polish to return the car back to its original glossiness. Once the car is up to standards, the paint treatment is applied to the surface and left to set, before one final wash.


How the treatment works is it binds chemically with the clear coat on your paint work, building up an extra protective layer on top of the already glossy paint. The layer is exceptionally hard-wearing and incredibly smooth, allowing easy removal of dirt and grime along with extra resilience to paint chips and debris.

In addition to being stronger and easier to maintain than your car’s standard clear coat, the paint treatment also provides protection against atmospheric pollution like acidic rain, as well as plant and tree sap. Extremes of temperature or UV exposure don’t faze this coating either- especially important when dealing with hot weather.

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So if you’re interested in giving your paintwork the extra protection it needs, drop by the Federal Auto Sport Tuning showroom, located at Glenmarie: Level 1, Lot 43, Jalan Pelukis U1/46, Section U1, 40150 Shah Alam.

Contact them at 03-55670586 for more info.


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