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1700hp LM2 Streamliner Finally In The Flesh At NY Auto Show

Lyons Motor Car – a relatively small, American car company based in New York – will be giving the public their first taste of the LM2 Streamliner. So far, only 3D computer renderings of the car have been shown to the public, but for the first time ever Lyons Motor Car will have an actual product on display at this year’s New York Auto Show.


The Streamliner is an absolute beast that blows all other supercars out of the water with its 1700hp V8 that generates 2180Nm of torque. The result is an astonishing 0-110km/h time of just 2.2 seconds. It doesn’t stop there of course. 0-160km/h is achieved in 4.1 seconds, giving even the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport a run for its money.


It’s not just powerful, there’s plenty of tech that goes into this beast of a supercar. The body and chassis will be constructed of carbon fibre, with just a few stainless steel parts going into the main parts of the body. The LM2 Streamliner will rock a 7-speed dual clutch transmission with power going to all four wheels to keep power loss between shifts at a minimum and traction at its highest.

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

The car also features an advanced electrical system, with everything running through the car’s microprocessor. Lyons Motor Car are doing away with breaker relays and fuses, wiring harnesses and a lot of other traditional electrical layouts in favour of something thoroughly modern. At the event this April, members of the team will speak to the press about the future of not just their automobile, but of automobiles and motoring in general.


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