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What Tesla’s Media Interface Could Look Like

There’s almost nothing in Elon Musk’s cars that isn’t worth talking about because of how Tesla makes its cars. The company isn’t afraid of substantially changing the way people interact with their cars and it can be really revealing of how much behind the rest of the motor industry is with regards to proper integration of media technology. Sure, most cars nowadays come with touchscreen, Bluetooth-enabled head units, but most transitions lack the grace we’ve come accustomed.


The Model S wasn’t afraid to change things up by blowing up the sheer size of its display/touch input panel when it first debuted and Tesla knew software was just as important to the experience as hardware. So imagine you could customize the standard 17-inch touchscreen interface available in the Tesla Model S just like how you can with most PC-based media players.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

The team at Bureau Oberhaeuser decided to create a concept video highlighting exactly how that might work on the car’s mighty display. Just like on a tablet or smartphone, there’s a ‘drag & drop’ feature that gives users the chance to decide what goes where and what size each element should be. Importantly, the design gives users large buttons and touch areas to make driver input an absolute breeze. A lot of the features foun d on the stock interface have also been tweaked to give users the option of customising how much screen real-estate is taken up. The climate control buttons that are always on can be moved around to wherever’s most convenient.


Here’s a short video demonstration of how the interface might work if Tesla decides to give it a go.

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