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Honda’s New Euro-spec Budget Bike A Looker

The CB125F is Honda’s attempt at a small-displacement bike catered for the European market. Recent reports from Spain indicate that it will be priced at around €2499. Honda’s decision to go with 18 inch wheels and a comparatively large from make the bike quite interesting for first time riders or those looking for a cheap but comfortable ride.


As a more budget-oriented ride, the instrument cluster is all function over form, but it’s still a nice looking all-analogue setup. It’s nice to see that they also included a gear position indicator as standard, which will no doubt come in handy to new-comers to biking.


The CB125F will come with a single-cylinder, air-cooled 4-stroke engine with an overhead cam that’s capable of just under 11 hp. That tiny powerplant gave Honda the chance to make something with truly impressive efficiency.


They estimate that in some circumstances, the CB125F will achieve 600 kilometres on a single tank housing 13 litres of fuel. 240mm single disc brakes come equipped in the front, with 130 mm drums being paired to the rear wheel. It’s great kit for a bike of this price, but the real selling point is the way the thing looks.

Goodyear 650x85(DSF)

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