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Legendary GT-R Nameplate In Its 45th Year

Nissan unveiled the specs on their 2016 GT-Rs in the US today. Prices for the Japanese supercar start at US$101,770 which is the same as it was last year despite the small bump in performance, a new set of rims and inflation.

In addition to returning versions of the GT-R, there will be a special 45th Anniversary Gold Edition which will be put into extremely limited production.


The exact number isn’t clear but less than 30 will make it to the United States. The 45th Anniversary Gold Edition doesn’t differ mechanically from the base model, but has a lot more going for it in the looks department. The paint, for instance, was last seen on the R34 Skyline GT-R M-Spec from 2001 and is internally designated ‘Silica Brass’. The special edition also comes with a plaque that can be found in the centre console and golden VIN plate in the engine compartment.


Nissan also plans to continue selling a NISMO variant, which comes packed with performance upgrades. The engine on these models produce 600hp, which is 50 more horses than on the standard models thanks to optimised tuning by Nissan’s Motorsport division and an upgraded fuel pump.

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

This version of the car will also see a limited production run. Understandable, given the amount of manpower necessary to individually assemble the GT-R’s powerful VR38DETT engine.


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