Ford Smart Commute: Beating Stress with Ford’s Technology


Published on April 1st, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Ford Smart Commute: Beating Stress with Ford’s Technology

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Drivers in Asia Pacific spend a huge amount of time in their cars – many see upwards of 1,000 hours behind the wheel every year, which equals to 125 full nights of sleep!  Drivers in India spend the most time commuting, with almost 50 percent of commuters spending at least 12 hours in their cars every week. That’s over 600 hours every year!

Why not minimize all the stress from commute and be productive instead? Ford vehicles with their array of smart features can help you make the most of your time spent behind the wheel.

Stay positive

Staying positive is one of the keys to success in life. Sometimes, little things and rituals like a cup of your favourite coffee or a nice breakfast can elevate your spirits. Treating yourself to something nice before getting behind the wheel will help you stay positive throughout the day.

Stay calm and treat other drivers with respect

Drivers often treat their vehicles as personal sanctuaries where they can immerse into a realm of private space. Ford cars are engineered with noise insulation, so it will be easier for you to be in a Zen state of mind to attain some mental balance.

Avoiding traffic

We all know how getting caught in a traffic jam can wreck our inner happiness. If possible, start your day earlier to beat the morning rush. Another way to avoid traffic and drive stress-free is to get off the beaten path once in a while. Always have an alternative route in mind in case an accident, weather conditions or other factors cause delays on your normal route.

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Make the most of your time

Do you not have enough time to finish reading a good book? Why not enjoy an audio book instead? SYNC’s Bluetooth streaming feature can help immerse commuters with their favourite plots in whatever stories they choose.

SYNC’s voice command also helps you stay on top of what’s going on in the world. You can easily shuffle through radio stations, catch up on the news and listen to your favourite tracks.

Missing your friends and family? Use SYNC to pair your phone with the voice control system and make hands-free calls to your loved ones.

De-clutter your car

Keeping your car well-organised and clutter-free has never been easier with various storage compartments available across Ford vehicles. De-cluttering your car doesn’t just make it look neat, but also protects you from possible dangers. A simple object like a bottle, stuck under the brake pedal, can be a life-threatening hazard. Make an effort to keep your car tidy and arrive to your workplace with a clear mind.

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Stay comfortable

Commuting in the heat can be unnerving. Ford’s climate control system can reduce interior temperatures from a scorching 70 degrees Celsius to below 30 degrees in just 10 minutes, giving you comfort when you need it!

Save money

Nothing helps to ease one’s stress better than to know that they are saving those hard earned Ringgits by driving more efficiently. Small but fierce, Ford’s award winning EcoBoost® engine delivers the power you have come to expect from a Ford, with 20 percent better fuel economy.


Sick of the radio, music and talking to yourself? Team up with friends, colleagues or neighbours to share the cost of driving, reduce emissions and enjoy the company of others.

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