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Ultima Evolution: 1033 hp, 950 kg

For over two decades, Ultima has been makings some of the most extreme, barebones British supercars. Their latest release, the Ultima Evolution takes their credo to a whole new level, with performance figures that put to shame even the fastest hypercars in the world.


Although it’s called the Evolution, it sure doesn’t look like anything has changed at first glance. That’s because very little has, aesthetically speaking. Ultima have retained the Lee Noble design from the preceeding GTR and Sports models, meaning the body panels have retained their shape.



There are a lot more carbon-fibre components though, and a few other improvements in terms of fit and finish, paint quality, ergonomics and interior equipment. There are also upgrades that make the car seem a little more modern, like the LED taillights.


The Evolution comes with highly modified Chevrolet V8 engine that Ultima offers in a range of power outputs, starting at 350 hp and topping out at 1033 hp when paired to a supercharger. Weighing in at just under a ton means that this car has got more than a thousand horses and less than a thousand kilogrammes to push.


That power-to-weight ratio gives the top-of-the-line Ultima Evolution a 0-100 km/h time of just 2.3 seconds. What’s even more amazing is that its top speed is 386km/h. It’s not just the 1033 hp version that’s fast – even the 480 hp version of the car can manage 0-100 in 3.1 seconds.


In traditional Ultima fashion, the Evolution will be available as a kit car for those who want to put it together themselves or as a finished product. Expect a drop-top version later on as well, once the Ultima GTR Can-Am gets phased out.

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

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