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Porsche Teaches Cruise Control To Deal With Corners

Porsche seems to be on a roll here with regards to new car tech. Earlier this week Porsche discovered a viable way to introduce variable compression ratios on engines which would effectively end the limitations surrounding turbocharged engines. Now, they’ve got something more relatable to drivers – cruise control.


The new system being tested by Porsche does two things differently from regular cruise control. First off, it can read road signs, meaning it will adapt to the new speed limits automatically. Some cars do have GPS-linked systems not dissimilar to the Porsche’s, but here’s where the second feature comes in.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

It can corner on cruise control. That’s right, whenever a corner comes up, the cruise control anticipates a safe speed to take the turn, and slows itself down for you. It still requires driver input on the steering wheel because, well, it’s not an autonomous car. It does seem like a more sensible step towards automated driving though, one that doesn’t seem as alien as letting the car drive completely by itself.


Porsche calls the new tech “InnoDrive” and it still has its limitations. The lateral forces generated from the turn can be adjusted to whatever comfortable or uncomfortable level the driver desires so long as it’s below .7g. Porsche say the system will help improve fuel efficiency and travel time but really, it seems like the sort of tech that’s just there to be a talking point.

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