Range Rover Evoque & Its 9-Speed Gearbox


Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Range Rover Evoque & Its 9-Speed Gearbox


The Range Rover Evoque latest version carries the world’s first 9-speed automatic transmission. The ZF HP9 9-speed gearbox has a higher top gear in a more compact design, in order to fit in the same space as conventional 6-speed transmissions. This gearbox provides smoother gear shifts with improved accelerations and lower fuel consumption.


ZF has been working on the HP9 gearbox since 2011 and it is based on ZF control technologies originally developed for the ZF 8HP gearbox. By increasing the number of gears from the standard six to nine, ZF has produced a ratio spread of 9.3 with small ratio steps. Where a conventional 6-speed gearbox makes downshifts sequentially, Land Rover and ZF claim that the 9HP glides between gear changes almost imperceptibly. In addition, the lowest ratio is lower than that of a 6-speed and is more suitable for off-road use and steep inclines.


The 9HP uses a modular design and a software-based transmission control unit. The reason for this is to allow the gearbox to fit into transverse engines without significant modifications to the car. Though the 9HP is 0.24 inches (6 mm) longer than a 6-speed gearbox, it weighs 16.5 pounds (7.5kg) less.


It manages this by using a nested planetary gearset with nine speeds, four simple gearsets and six shift elements. It also has a new, compact hydraulic vane-type pump and instead of conventional clutch packs is has two patented interlocking dog clutches – a first for a passenger car. A torque converter reduces vibration and provides oscillation isolation for more comfortable starting and shifting.


The increased gear ratios of the 9HP mean that cruising is possible at low engine speeds, which allows for smoother shifting. According to the partners, the 9HP’s “Fast-Off” mode monitors the rate of throttle release and if it anticipates a driver’s request for high power, it holds the gear shift if necessary. This provides shorter response times “below the threshold of perception” and quick shifts for improved start-up acceleration. It also monitors requests for downshifts and if the car is traveling too fast for the desired gear, it delays shifting until the speed drops.

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

Land Rover and ZF say that the 9HP reduces acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h by two seconds over conventional 6-speeds and that it reduces fuel consumption by 12 percent for petrol SUVs and 16 percent for diesels, while keeping the engine running 700 rpms lower with corresponding reductions in emissions. The 9HP is also suitable for hybrid systems which land Rover will be releasing soon. Visit a Land Rover showroom to text drive the latest 9-speed equipped Evoque and come away surprised with its dynamics.


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