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Honda of America’s Anna engine plant is now 30 years old

We’ve glanced over Honda as a company in previous articles, but rarely do we speak of their successes abroad. Both Honda and Toyota have strong beliefs in local independence when it comes to globalization, but Honda gives even more leeway to their counterparts overseas. These forays into foreign markets tend to begin as entirely separate companies- tied to Honda by name and product, but not bound by management back in Japan.

Members of the Anna team pause for a celebration photo in front of the engine plant.

This allows for massive flexibility and the ability to react to changing conditions without first waiting for a reply back from Japan. It offers a boots-on-the-ground understanding of the local market and the people, which has in turn allowed Honda to grow effectively as a brand. One such example is the Anna engine plant, which was opened by Honda back in 1985.

Engine assembly on the newest line at the Anna Engine Plant.

Of the 13,000 people that Honda employ across the state of Ohio, over 2,800 of them call the Anna engine factory their workplace. Just last year, the factory produced it’s 20 millionth engine, and it now has a production volume of just over 1 million engines a year. The plant has grown in size and complexity since it’s humble beginnings, when it was operated by just 94 people.


Most important is that this engine is one of the few manufacturing centres fit to produce Honda’s new line of VTEC turbo engines. And of course, chief among those engines is the 2.0-litre VTEC turbo found in the all-new Civic Type-R, which was reported to be made in the U.S.A. before being shipped to the U.K. for installation.

Anna associate, Amie Tierman performs an install process on one of the plant's new turbo engines.

Investment for the plant over the course of it’s life has totalled 2.25 billion USD, 800 million of which was spent over the last 4 years in preparation for producing these new turbocharged motors. There’s no doubt that this plant will continue to grow and expand for decades to come, in tandem with more manufacturing facilities that Honda will set up.

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