Published on August 7th, 2015 | by Subhash Nair


Meet Tesla’s Prototype Robo-Snake Charger

Tesla are widely known for doing things their own way, not just when it comes to their powertrains which are of course exclusively electric. No, with Elon Musk behind the wheel, Tesla have time and again shown the world that if there was a better way to do something, they would find it. From strapping two motors to a single car to including a third row of seats in a 4-door sedan, the company continues to decide how each and every component in its cars can be reworked.

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This latest teaser shows off Tesla’s prototype automated charging station. It’s a bit weird to see a metallic snake come to life and move so fluidly, but if the prototype does work, it could mean Tesla has found an alternative to wirelessly charging its vehicles.

Which is great, because wireless charging is significantly slower and does cost a lot more to implement. Given how big a battery and surface area would be needed for it to work on an actual electric car, this robot snake arm thing seems to make a whole lot more sense.

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