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St. John Ambulance of Malaysia Rolls With Goodyear

Goodyear   Malaysia   has   demonstrated   its support for improving  public  health  and  safety  in  the  local  community  by  providing  St.  John Ambulance of Malaysia’s first aid service vehicles with high quality and long-lasting tires. For the past nine years, Goodyear Malaysia has sponsored St John Ambulance through supplying it with quality tires. This year, Goodyear will supply 16 sets of tires, which will be fitted to the St. John Ambulance’s Toyota HiAce vehicles.


“Goodyear Malaysia recognizes St. John Ambulance’s contribution of providing first aid services to the Malaysian society whenever they are needed. They play an important role in training volunteers to save lives as well as keeping people safe at events with their first aid knowledge. “We  are  proud  to  be  part  of the  St.  John  Ambulance  program  with  our Goodyear G-28 tires that feature better durability and handling features to support their efforts in emergency services.”

St. John Ambulance was started in the early days of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, addressing the needs of the sick and the injured and bringing them to hospitals for immediate attention. St. John Ambulance of Malaysia was established in 1908, initially serving as stretcher bearers and first aiders due to increasing military and civilian casualties throughout the country. In addition to rendering first aid and home nursing services, the organization now also carries out community projects such as mass Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training, Citizen Action and Response in Emergencies (CARE) and many other initiatives.

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Through volunteer services and the assistance of individuals and corporations such as Goodyear, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia is able to advance its vision of being a well-organized body that is dedicated to the service of mankind.  “We are pleased to have the support of Goodyear and their products to help ensure a smoother and safer drive as we respond to first aid emergencies. With their assistance, we can certainly seek to provide the highest quality of first aid assistance to serve the Malaysian community,” said Dato’ Yeo Kim Thong, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia – State of Selangor.

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