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10 Lucky Finalists to Represent Country in Subaru Palm Challenge

Ten Malaysians are edging closer to winning a new Subaru XV Premium after showcasing pure will and determination, emerging as the top finalists at the Subaru Palm Challenge Malaysia Leg 2015 yesterday.

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After keeping their palms on the Subaru XVs for over 10 hours and 5 minutes, the final 10 battled other fellow Malaysian participants to qualify for the grand finale in Singapore, the Subaru Challenge – Asian Face Off. To stay in the running, they kept their palms on the vehicle at all times, and were only granted 10-minute breaks every 6 hours to have meals or visit the washroom.

It was tough, as they were also exposed to the scorching heat and the rain at the Piazza, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, as they attempted to qualify to the final round in Singapore where they stand the chance to win the much-coveted Subaru XV Premium, worth RM114, 000.

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According to finalist Tan Chuan Meng, the challenge was a test of determination that pushed him to his limits, “I’m glad I outlasted my fellow competitors. You go into this thinking it should be an easy task and 1 hour into the contest, doubt starts kicking in, your legs start to feel sore and your mind starts telling you to just give in. It’s a real test of willpower. I can’t wait to bring this focus to Singapore!”.

10 Finalists of Subaru Palm Challenge 2015 Malaysia Leg:

  1. Muhammad Afif b Drani
  2. Ronesh Biswas A/L Bisanuth Biswas
  3. Tan Hong Sheng
  4. Subramaniam A/L Gunasegaran
  5. Vimalnath Francis
  6. Tan Chuan Meng
  7. Tan Chuan Kok
  8. Chang Wei Khang
  9. Sathivale A/L Sundrammorthy
  10. Mohammad Fadhlly R Azmi

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At the Subaru Challenge – Asian Face Off in Singapore, the 10 Malaysian finalists will battle 390 other hopefuls from Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore for a brand new Subaru XV Premium. Contestants also have the chance to win cash prizes for being Country Winner – awarded to the last person standing from each country; Asian Winner – the last person standing from all regional countries except Singapore; and a Country Team prize for the longest surviving country – calculated by adding all the individual team members’ times together.

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