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GreenTech Malaysia Seals Three Partnerships on the first day of IGEM

To further drive the growth of Malaysia’s green technology sector in line with the 11th Malaysia Plan, Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) yesterday signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with leading innovators in the fields of electric mobility, energy efficiency and air quality at the 6th International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia (IGEM).

The first day of the region’s largest green technology exhibition saw GreenTech Malaysia sign MoUs with Voltron, a local electric bicycle manufacturer to encourage a shift to clean transportation; Green Data Center LLP and Computer Recovery Facility Sdn Bhd, cooling technology and data center operators respectively, to develop green data centers to reduce energy wastage and Airestec, air quality experts utilising green technology to boost energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

IMG 1 Voltron MoU

An important sector that GreenTech Malaysia is looking to address is reducing our nation’s carbon footprint in transportation. GreenTech Malaysia has therefore partnered with Voltron Sdn Bhd to increase efforts to deploy Voltron’s electric bicycle particularly to university students living on campus, Government Ministries and Government-Linked Companies.

Voltron’s range of electric bicycles represent a suitable gateway to encourage commuters to switch to electric transportation as they not only provide an affordable entry point, at RM 2,500, but also eliminate range anxiety faced by other modes of electric vehicles, as the user can simply peddle the bicycle when the battery runs flat. With the growing integrated railway network in Kuala Lumpur, the electric bicycles will also act as ideal first and last-mile connectors while alleviating parking issues faced by motorist at train stations.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

Another crucial strategy that must be employed to encourage a shift in Malaysia to become a low-carbon nation, is energy efficiency. Data centers are substantial energy consumers; in the U.S alone, the annual consumption of electricity is over 91 billion kilowatt-hours. As such, data centers are key targets to deploy energy efficiency solutions and technologies.

As part of its efforts to address the concerns arising from high energy consumption at data centers, GreenTech Malaysia has therefore partnered with Green Data Center LLP and Computer Recovery Facility Sdn Bhd. Green Data Center LLP will be utilising their cutting-edge Eco2 fluid submersion technology to significantly boost energy optimisation and cut down on data center maintenance costs. Meanwhile, Computer Recovery Facility will call on their nearly 25 years of experience to develop, market and manage the green data centers.


Continuing on the focus of energy optimisation, GreenTech Malaysia affirmed its collaboration with Airestec Sdn Bhd, which will see the promotion of Airestec’s bio and green products which eliminate biological contamination through the use of a pH7 (neutral), 100% biodegradable material to improve building energy efficiency by between 10% to 13% and significantly improve indoor air quality.

Airestec’s patented Multi-Enzyme formula has been proven to effectively remove 99% of biological contamination while causing no damage to the existing equipment unlike traditional acid and alkali mixes. In recognition of its impressive green and eco qualities, the product has received MyHIJAU Mark and Eco-Label certification.

These collaborations, coupled with the numerous other MoUs and partnerships that are set to take place at IGEM 2015, place Malaysia in a prime position to be a leader in sustainable practices that are equally beneficial economically.

IMG 3 Green Data Center LLP and Computer Recovery Facility MoU

IGEM 2015, themed “Powering the Green Economy”, is targeting to generate over RM 1.2 billion in business leads, featuring 350 exhibitors and attracting over 438 exhibitors from over 20 countries and bringing in over 50,000 visitors from all walks of life.


For more information on GreenTech Malaysia and IGEM 2015, please visit and respectively.

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