Audi A4 B7 2005 Used Car Review


Published on September 28th, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Audi A4 B7 2005 Used Car Review

Audi A4 B7 used review1

We look at a ‘forgotten’ used sports sedan that needs some attention as it has really become a real value buy even after some 10 years in our market. Audi’s premium mid-sized saloon has been a success story for the Ingolstadt Company ever since the launch of the very first Audi 80 in 1972. Audi, like most of the VW Group companies keeps increasing its technology with its front-wheel drive system to challenge rear wheel drive handling competitors and also its ‘Quattro’ four-wheel drive system. When this A4 first arrived in Malaysia it was sold for just under RM200k new and received a lukewarm reception as the previous guardian of the Audi brand in Malaysia did a dismal job of keeping the ‘prestige’ and quality image of the Audi brand alive. It took Euromobil the current brand guardian a lot of convincing to get buyers to accept possible high resale value, good after sales and a feel in your palms drive experience.

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Today there are a number of used units for sale as owners have appreciated all its values mentioned above and moved on to the next generation A4. When you have located a used unit, start by getting behind the wheel of the A4.

The test drive of a used Audi A4 revels a lot of possible mechanical and electrical issues if any. You must examine the odometer, driver’s seat, steering wheel and foot pedals for signs of clocking by looking to see if it is worn in tandem with the reading on the dashboard odometer. The quality interiors shrug off high mileage so check properly. Accident damaged units must be avoided since there are so few of these cars sold the chances of a proper repair job by an insurance company is rare. This is because the car comes with almost flawless build and high quality assembly, which should show little, wear unless abused which is rare. As for corrosion, with an Audi you’re pretty safe and there is little to worry about here. If there has been accident damage and the repair is done third rate then you can easily see the bad workmanship as original panels are well put together and gaps are even. A full service history from Euromobil is preferred but many owners after the 2 years warranty will seek after market specialist which there are a few in Klang Valley that offer good servicing. You should find the interior of the A4 equally well preserved and in most cases better at wear when compared to its German rivals which are locally assembled. No matter what anyone challenges you, a fully imported German made car is always better to last than a locally assembled version. This is of course noticeable after 9-11 years if wear.

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The A4 comes with a curb weight of some 1390kg, which is close to its nearest competitor the BMW 320i (priced from 35k to 55k from the same year and was locally assembled) but feels more lively on the city drive as the 2-liter engine is smooth in its delivery and the gearbox changes with little jerks. What you should notice on a test drive is the missing wind noise even up to 140 km/h and all electrics working without a hitch.

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Today a 10-11-year old A4 will fetch anywhere between RM40-RM65,000 and you will get a car that comes with a premium sound system, high quality paint finish if still in its original paint that has been well take cared off. It will have a little marked interior over the 10-11 years, 17-inch alloy wheels, low profile tyres, firm bucket seats, xenon lights and a deep carpet lined boot.

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