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New Michelin Primacy SUV Tyre Aimed at Heavier Passenger Vehicles

Michelin Malaysia, the market leader in tyre technology unveils the new Michelin Primacy SUV tyre, a breakthrough tyre that provides drivers and their families with greater peace of mind and real safety on their daily commute, as well as during long distance travel.


Most SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) drivers choose their vehicle’s safety features carefully – considering ABS, airbags, and traction control. But more often than not, they underestimate the vital role that tyres play. As the only contact with the road, good tyres are a driver’s first guarantee of a safe and comfortable ride.


The area of a tyre that touches the road surface is approximately the size of a postcard. It is not much when you consider all the functions of a tyre: supporting the car, transmitting traction and braking forces, absorbing road shocks and steering. This is why tyres should be regarded as a priority when considering the safety of any type of vehicle. The Michelin Primacy SUV is exclusively designed by Michelin for SUVs. It was developed specifically for the Asia Pacific’s extreme road and weather conditions with the objective of offering maximum safety to SUV owners and their families.

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Speaking about the new tyre, Michelin Malaysia’s Managing Director, Chandan Thakur said, “Enabling safer transportation has always been a leading principle in our product development. Many drivers are not aware that when you’re driving, there’s the equivalent of only a postcard of tread connecting each of your tyres to the road and controlling thousands of kilograms of machinery at great speed in all kinds of conditions.


“We have listened to SUV drivers in our region. The Michelin Primacy SUV tyre was developed to address these needs, and deliver confidence and tranquillity to drive your family safely even in the most unpredictable driving conditions.”

The new tyre offers significant safety improvements:

2.2 metres shorter braking distance on wet roads.

6% improved grip in wet cornering.

1.9 metres shorter braking in dry conditions.


The Michelin Primacy SUV’s unique capability to deliver drivers a safer, smoother ride is achieved through the use of the following Michelin leading tyre technologies:

FlexMax 2.0




The new Michelin Primacy SUV, is available from 16 inch and above sizes. The new tyre is distributed in all TYREPLUS and Michelin Authorized dealer networks nationwide and is priced starting from RM440.

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