Top Ten Reasons Why Women Want Their Man To Drive A Pick-Up


Published on November 21st, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Top Ten Reasons Why Women Want Their Man To Drive A Pick-Up


A recent survey by regarding preferences of women and vehicles revealed a surprising result – women admitted they’re attracted to men who drive pick-up trucks. In a survey conducted with over 2000 women, women ranked pick-up trucks as their top preference for vehicles driven by the most fetching members of the opposite sex. In the survey, pick-ups managed 32% of the total votes ahead of sports cars, sedans and hybrids.  Eager to find out why pick-ups are now the new cool amongst females, we took the new Isuzu D-Max out for a spin and found out for ourselves what makes this vehicle so attractive to our fair ladies.


  1. It means you’re handy
    That flat-bed isn’t just for show as it invokes a notion that you’re handy around the house. Ok, maybe you’re not the type to fix a leaky pipe but you can still put all that space in the back of your Isuzu D-Max to good use on runs to the hardware store. Utilitarian is the new sexy after all…
  2. You’re family oriented
    A rag top convertible is cool and all, but the two-seats also implies there are no kids in the immediate future. An Isuzu D-Max though says otherwise as its got space to transport five along with abundant cargo space at the back. A perfect vehicle to rev those biological engines, wouldn’t you say?
  3. It makes her feel safe
    It is known that only the most macho men and professional killers drivers and pick-up trucks. This writer recommends that you should not mess with a professional killer. In fact, you should not mess with anyone that drives a pick-up with name like Diablo. Plus it just looks too cool.
  4. Pick-up Truck Owners are rich
    The cost of ownership of an Isuzu D-Max won’t burn a hole in your pocket as its especially frugal, being able to cover over a 1000km on a single tank of diesel with lower engine maintenance. This translates to a bigger wallet over the long run, which means more money for the more important things. More important things like shoes, bags and a holiday to Peru.
  5. It’s manly
    Women love to accessorise and they love to dress up, and when something like the Diablo comes along, it’s nothing short of watching a hot model wearing their very best on a Paris catwalk. Turning heads at every corner, the Diablo ramps up the style factor to feverish heights and it will turn heads at every corner. Women love it when men check them out and the Diablo will do that in a flash.
  6. There’s a bed in the back
    Drive out to the countryside, roll out a couple of sleeping bags or mats unto the flatbed and you can spend an evening out cuddling and just staring at the stars. Or not just…
  7. It can take her off-road
    There’s no feeling better in the world than freedom and the Isuzu D-Max echoes that sentiment in vehicular form. Ever ready to go off-road in a moment’s notice, the vehicle’s improved ground clearance coupled with the all-terrain command 4WD system, which allows the truck to shift from 2WD to 4WD at just a turn of a knob, not only makes for exciting off-road adventures but virtually limitless road trip adventures.
  8. Storage space
    Ladies love space to store their stuff, which the Isuzu D-Max is in no short supply of. The interior of the vehicle comes with several smart storage spaces including a lower glove compartment as well as an upper article storage compartment and dual-function storage areas. It’s also got ten cup holders –perfect for a mid-morning coffee run for her and her friends.
  9. It exudes power
    Instinctively, women prefer a dominant and powerful mate and will often associate a man’s character with the type of car he chooses. So with over 130 ponies at your disposal, the D-Max serves as the epitome of a guy just oozing with power and performance. All you have to do now is meet her expectations…
  10. It’s a breeze to drive
    Ever so often, she would want to take the wheel and despite the bigger nature of the vehicle, the Isuzu D-Max is amazingly nimble. It goes over pot holes in a single bound and it will allow her to park virtually anywhere she damn well pleases. Best of all, it will allow her to flex her on road muscles and give road bullies a well-deserved taste of their own medicine whenever the situation calls for it.



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