Daimler AG has begun using the first section, or module, of its new testing c..."/>Unimog put to use in maintaining Daimler dirt test track |


Published on November 23rd, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Unimog put to use in maintaining Daimler dirt test track

Daimler AG has begun using the first section, or module, of its new testing centre at Immendingen, near Tuttlingen, Germany. Playing an integral role in keeping operations going there is the Unimog U 430. The 300 hp model with a power output of 220 kW delivering up to 1200 Nm of torque is tasked with ensuring the test section is constantly accurate. On this circuit, new cars, prototypes and test vehicles are put through their paces on rough surfaces consisting of gravel, sand or other materials. For the 1.2 km course to provide consistent, reproducible results, the track has to be regularly maintained.
Freut sich über die Hilfe des Unimog U 430 bei der Streckenpflege: Markus Wiech, technischer Projektleiter des Prüfgeländes Immendingen in seinem „Universalmotorgerät“ (Unimog).
The engineers at the Daimler AG testing centre in Immendingen chose one of the company’s own products for the task. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog brand offers the Group a model series capable of tackling just about any job. Usually when the Unimog goes to work on the streets this involves snow-ploughing, cutting or cleaning duties. But here we are talking about creating dirty road conditions with scientific precision. A grader with a sprayer system at the front of the U 430 ensures the surface of the test course is correctly levelled. And with a rear-mounted ripper the Unimog is also equipped to loosen any sections that are too heavily compacted.
Auf der Schlechtwege-Verschmutzungsstrecke sorgt ein 300-PS-Modell (Nennleistung 220 kW, maximale Zugkraft 1200 Nm) aus der Baureihe Unimog-Geräteträger für den stets akkuraten Zustands des Messfelds. Hinten kann der Unimog U 430 mit einem Heckaufreißer allzu sehr verdichtete Streckenabschnitte wieder auflockern.
The Unimog carries a 4200-litre tank on its platform. This enables water to be fed to the front sprayer if the weather conditions fail to supply the level of moisture prescribed by the engineers or if the chemical constituency of the surface material is incorrect. The Unimog U 430 will be one of the important factors helping Daimler to take vehicle testing off the public highway and into a self-contained area. With the establishment of the Immendingen Testing and Technology Centre the Sindelfingen test engineers have stated their intention to move the majority of test drives in Baden-Württemberg to this site.
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