Mercedes-AMG GT S Test Drive Review Done In Langkawi


Published on December 13th, 2015 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Mercedes-AMG GT S Test Drive Review Done In Langkawi


This Mercedes-AMG GT’s design follows along the lines of the thoroughbred McLaren built SLS, but with more aggression. The outline of the body reflects a coupe-like philosophy with shoulder borrowed from the classic ‘Silver Arrows’ race cars of the 1950s. Upon first glance it is definitively a Mercedes and with styling that will excite for years to come with its long nose and short rear that brings back memories of decade old sports cars.


Mercedes-AMG GT S Experience

We are dealing with a thoroughbred sports car here, one with a chassis and body fashioned from lightweight motorsports engineered material. The moment you open the driver’s door, the leather wrapped torso hugging seats confirm the bullish power possibilities of this sports car. It is easy to get comfortable and you sit facing a dashboard instrument display that suggests all the printed performance figures are definitely possible. AMG insignias live all around the cabin and it immediately calls to attention an upright seating position and full concentration from the driver.




Ignite the engine and a low burble is heard. It spine tingling but not aggressive enough to be annoying. Give the accelerator pedal a prod and the 650Nm of torque screams like a soprano hitting the high note in C major. It is shockingly close to the note heard in a DTM race car. The dial on the tachometer rushes across the range like a rabbit on heat and settles back in a blink. There are questions about the claimed 510bhp but we decide to feel it for ourselves. Making sure that all the horses are produced in the right sequence is the 7-speed duel clutch gearbox. This gearbox reacts in seconds to ensure a jerk free movement and provides this AMG GT with a smooth power delivery all the way to the top speed of 310km/h. Yes, 510bhp seems about right as we make this bi-turbo V8 sing its soprano all the way up its revolution range without getting it choked up with excitement from our right foot. It is easy to forget the redline limit as the engine is rev happy and forgiving.



Out the main entrance and we make our way down the snaking hill resort road. You can feel the engine begging to be abused as we keep it nice and docile. The movement along rough pavement is felt a little thru the sports seats as the firm suspension soaks up all the irregularities. It is not yet irritating but if pursued for more miles it would have started to be. Once on smoother tarmac, the ride is pliant and the steering full of information as we negotiate along the village road. We have still ‘yet’ to open up all 8 cylinders, as our speed is low and with just the occasional burst of speed as we get past slower moving traffic that irritates the heel out of this AMG GT.


Driving this AMG GT had us thinking that all other vehicles on the road was slower than slow. We come up to an open stretch and then let the V8 sing it tune to glory.


From the passive un-initiated driver the acceleration feels like a sharp slap in the back by an oversized ‘wrestler’, but for us it is a surge of urgency from two turbos working in harmony with a V8 and in seconds we have reached illegal speeds. With a 0-100km/h time of 3.8 seconds, this AMG GT’s pickup is surprisingly close to hypercar. The possibility of irritating other drivers on the road with its high pitched soundtrack at full throttle alone makes for an interesting buy. Now with all this power, one needs to stop in time and have the handling to cope with the unexpected.


This AMG GT also manages to shave speed with ease and with no worry from the driver as long as firm force is applied to the pedal. The brakes bite and the release with pleasure. The suspension is best enjoyed when riding a fast flowing corner as you can feel the dampers squatting firmly and allowing the car to move along with little worry. The tail stays tucked in unless you switch the traction control off and even then it is not completely off. With a fast flick left and right this AMG GT moves with superb agility as the suspension soaks up the dives and squats immediately. It’s a nice feeling to have knowing that you can ride a corner faster than nature intended you to do so.


Mercedes-AMG GT S Final Word

I do believe no supercar owner has ever read a test drive review before deciding to buy one and so this means YOU (like me and 99% of the Malaysian driving population) do not have the money to buy this AMG GT. Still, like me, dreams are for free and that is what that counts for people like us. With this job, I have had the opportunity to experience what the super-rich can have daily and that is enough for me. I now return to my 25-year old roadster that never fails to start and smile on my drive home knowing that I have no more monthly instalments to pay anymore.


Mercedes-AMG GT S Specifications:

Engine: V8 Bi-Turbo

Displacement:  3982cc

Transmission:  7-Speed dual clutch AMG Speedshift

Max power: 510bhp @ 6250rpm

Max torque: 650Nm @ 1750-4750rpm

Top Speed: 310km/h

0-100km/h: From 3.8secs

Price: From RM1,150.000.00

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

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