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Porsche Cayenne Efficiency Measures – New technologies

All Porsche Cayenne models boast lower fuel consumption and improved performance.

porsche_cayenne_diesel airintake

Not all SUV owners are unconcerned about fuel efficiency. Yes, there are some who just want a powerful luxury vehicle that can tackle the rough with ease. Global warming and the constant barrage of information on the changing weather conditions due to this has many concerned, however the need for a luxury SUV grows and so manufacturers like Porsche who have a dominant global sales position for SUV’s have engineered a better fuel sipping SUV to stay ahead of the rest.

This is why each and every new Porsche Cayenne model gets more efficient and now with this latest Cayenne there are numerous efficiency technologies in the whole drivetrain that contribute to reducing the fuel consumption.

First comes a further developed auto start/stop function ‘Plus’. The extended auto start/stop function Plus shuts down the engine as soon as a slow walking pace is reached whilst the driver is braking, for example when approaching traffic lights. This function can be deactivated via a button on the centre console if need be. The auto start/stop function is automatically deactivated in Sport and Sport-Plus mode.

porsche_cayenne_diesel cabin

Next, the gearbox. For the first time, all Cayenne’s now have the coasting function familiar from other Porsche model series. The developers have modified the 8-speed Tiptronic S where when the driver takes his or her foot off the accelerator pedal, Tiptronic S automatically decouples the engaged gear, and the vehicle “coasts”. When the accelerator or the brake pedal is pressed, the right gear is automatically engaged again and the clutch is engaged. What’s more, intelligent algorithms are used to adapt the coasting function to the driving style. It can be switched off via the auto start/stop button.

Then finally there are active cooling air flaps for the first time fitted behind the central air inlet in the Cayenne that are controlled by the engine management. They open and close depending on the driving situation and the cooling-air requirement. This regulates the air volume, influences the aerodynamics and is part of the thermal management so that the engine and gearbox warm up quickly and reach an optimum working temperature.


The intelligent thermal management in the Cayenne regulates engine and gearbox cooling in order to reduce the loss due to friction during the warm-up phase. The engine and gearbox heat up more quickly thanks to specific control of the heat flow and gradual activation of the different cooling circuits as required. In addition, the new cooling air flaps are linked to the thermal management for quick heating up of the drivetrain units during a cold start. Not only does this have further potential for reducing the fuel consumption, it also enhances comfort as the Cayenne cabin reaches the desired temperature more quickly.


All the above may sounds a little too technical but let us assure that they work to ensure your large and fast Cayenne is sipping no more than the necessary amount of fuel to keep your moving along.

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