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Why Can’t All SUVs Look This Good?

Yes, it has the proportions of a supercar, but that’s because the design company behind it, ‘Camal’ want it to make SUVs cool. You see Lamborghini are making an SUV, and very soon many other brands will make the switch. This particular design experiment is called the Ramusa HyperSUV and unlike many real world SUVs, this one has its engine mid-mounted and has only 2 doors and 2 seats.

Goodyear banner dsf_650x85

The designers imagined it with a hybrid powertrain, combining an electric motor to a quad-turbocharged 3.5-litre V12 to give a maximum of 800hp. Since it’s all design an no prototype, enjoy the photos:

ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_11 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_10 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_8 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_6 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_5 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_4 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_3 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_2 ramusa-the-new-hypersuv-by-camal-design-center-is-revealed_1

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