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2015 Worst Passwords List Presented

When was the last time your email got hacked or your Facebook account was ‘taken over’? Well, this is a common problem today and if it has not happened to you then it must be that you have a very good password and you have been careful with you computer/smartphone. For many others around the world, they have been careless or less diligent in having a good password to avoid hacking.

Recently SplashData released its 5th annual “Worst Passwords” list and we want to share this information with you to keep your accounts safe. According to SplashData “123456” and “password” remained at the top of the list for the fifth straight year, but longer entries reflect the growing concerns of online identity theft or longer password requirements.

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“1234567890,” “qwertyuiop” (the top row of letters on a standard keyboard) and “1qaz2wsx” (the first two columns on a standard keyboard) all made the Top 25 list for the first time, reflecting tech companies’ push to make devices and accounts harder to hack. Unfortunately, many users don’t seem to be taking the suggestions to heart.

“If these longer passwords are based on simple patterns, they will put you in just as much risk of having your identity stolen by hackers,” said SplashData CEO Morgan Slain on the company’s website.

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Many tech companies are hoping to completely do away with passwords in the future. But for now, security experts agree that when setting a new password, users should include special characters and both upper- and lower-case letters when possible and avoid full words and avoid repeating passwords on separate accounts.

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The top 25 List includes some real basic ‘mistakes’ and the love for Star Wars.

Check out the complete Top 25 list below:

RankPasswordChange from 2014
312345678Up 1
4qwertyUp 1
512345Down 2
7footballUp 3
81234Down 1
91234567Up 2
10baseballDown 2
13abc123Up 1
14111111Up 1
16dragonDown 7
17masterUp 2
18monkeyDown 6
19letmeinDown 6

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