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Published on January 23rd, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


ABT QS7 For NEW Audi Q7 Owners


In the case of the ABT QS7, the “S” in SUV surely stands for sporty in a very special way: The 3l TFSI shows no less than 410 hp or 301 kW, an enormous plus of 77 hp (56 kW) on the normal engine. But since most customers will opt for the supercharged 3l diesel for economic reasons as well, ABT Sportsline, the global market leader when it comes to tuning cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, has come up with a power package for this engine, too. The diesel now has 325 hp (239 kW), up from 272 hp or 200 kW. Its torque is up from 600, now at 680 Nm, which enables the 2.1t Audi Q7 to tow almost any trailer. “We want the Q7 to be powerful and superior in any situation,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt, the renowned Bavarian company’s CEO, about his engineers’ work.


The new Audi Q7 is much more than an ordinary SUV at any rate. After all, its design is unusually elegant. It has a perfect appearance wherever you will take it. And as an ABT it is especially extravagant: Particularly the dynamic wide-body aero package reveals the driver’s self-confidence: front skirt, fender extensions, door strip attachments and the impressive rear skirt set with the angular four-pipe exhaust system show the ABT QS7’s sporty nature.

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And the narrow-body version, with no fender extensions, also underscores the chic design, with both aero packages being available with a special rear spoiler and fender inserts. “Well-rounded, indeed,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt and adds that shortly a lower suspension will be launched, matching the ABT exterior and upgrades. This will improve the fast space cruiser Q7’s handling even more.


And the ideal completion of the two aero packages are of course ABT Sportsline sport-type wheels. They demonstrate an enormous dynamism and are in complete harmony with the Audi Q7. If you opt for a CR, DR or FR in 20 or 22’’ is a matter of taste.

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But what is certain is that all ABT wheels are very light and run very quietly. It goes without saying that they are all also available including high-performance tyres. All components are produced in top ABT quality and thoroughly tested. After all, an ABT QS7 is to provide extra fun – for a whole “vehicular life”.


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