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Published on January 30th, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


ASEAN Car Is Unique From The Rest Of The World


There is a whole different car market in Asia. This is a market driven by Asian designed and built cars. For some of you rather un-informed souls reading this let me give you some historical motoring information. Japanese brands have dominated the car markets of Asia for some time now.

Toyota Vios TRD

The Europeans have made strong in-roads and the Koreans are catching up very fast. However the Japanese brands are still dominant and they have strengthened their position in ASEAN markets with factories in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They have also taken steps to design cars and MPV’s to cater to the ASEAN buyer.

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

Cars like the Toyota Avanza, Toyota Vios were designed specifically for ASEAN countries. Honda designed the CITY for ASEAN cities. Nissan came late to the party with the Livina. These are just some small examples of regional designed and built cars. Now their popularity in ASEAN has induced their makers to take them globally for the first time.


Let’s look at the best vehicles that have been produced in ASEAN factories in three of the biggest vehicle segments. Family car, compact MPV and executive sedan.

Toyota Innova1

Let’s start with family car. There are a few contenders but my pick goes to the Honda City. Why, because it has interior and exterior design that caters to the young and both sexes with good build quality and a European type handling on the road.

what mpv_toyota avanza

For the family buyer, there have been numerous products in recent years as Asia keeps it family values strong with the extended family always in tow. Add the housekeeper and aging in-law and the need for a proper 7-seater vehicle becomes very important for most households.

Template BHP

This is why we had to give the thumbs up to the Toyota Innova. Built and designed in Indonesia, the Innova comes with sensible styling and reasonable space for 7 persons with some added luggage space for the family drive holiday. It may not have the best handling or the fastest speed, but when it comes to family duties little else can knock it at its asking price.


Corporate buyers are always gunning for that European luxury car when they ‘make’ it in the business world. Meanwhile to get to the top, many executives and rising businessmen need an executive car and the 2 most popular choices for years have been the Accord from Honda and the Camry from, Toyota and we cannot argue with the choice of the masses. Both are global cars but for the ASEAN market they have been ‘localised’ to suit road conditions and the needs of the segment buyers. Good evergreen looks; smart interiors with plenty of space and a reliable engines, the Accord and Camry are the top picks in the executive segment even today when they are so many other options in the segment.


Now you have the information and when you decide on your new car purchase have a look at these options before signing that car booking form.

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