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BMW Showcase Spyder and Mirrorless Variants of i8

Building on the immensely successful i8, BMW have come to the Consumer Electronics Show with two fresh pieces of technology. The first looks like an i8 with the door and roof panels removed. It’s more of a tech showcase which builds heavily on the previously revealed i8 Spyder.


BMW call it ‘i Vision Future Interaction’, and it’s purpose is to project what the future of driving will be like. As such, it features a head-up display, an instrument cluster with a three-dimensional display as well as a 21-inch screen for when the car drives itself.

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But why on earth would you ask an i8 to drive itself? What TV show could be more exciting?


The second vehicle was a little more interesting. It’s a version of the i8 devoid of mirrors. Called the i8 Mirrorless Concept, and it has no mirrors. As you would have guessed.

bmw-i8-mirrorless-concept (3)

Instead, there are cameras where the wing mirrors go and another on the rear windscreen. The camera inputs are displayed on a screen that sits where a traditional rear view mirror would go. It’s pretty brilliant at eliminating blindspots as it gives the driver an uninterrupted view of his surroundings.

bmw-i8-mirrorless-concept (1)

This looks like a much more practically useful technology. Sure, it adds complexity, but if it allows the driver to gain complete situational awareness by glancing at a single spot, then why not?

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