Bosch Will Help Park Your Car


Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Bosch Will Help Park Your Car


In recent years, you’ve been hearing all about “smart” parking garages that will allow you to leave your self-parking vehicle at the entrance. German supplier Robert Bosch aims to make them a reality soon.

In 2018, a parking garage in Stuttgart is promising you will be able to drop off at the entrance, so that your car can park itself in an open space. And when you’re ready to leave, the car will come back when summoned all on its own.

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Bosch will provide the sensors that will signal which spaces are open.

  • Bosch is working with Dutch mapmaker TomTom to develop a dynamic road map that integrates real-time data from other cars into a vehicle’s GPS route guidance. If, for example, other vehicles report ice on a bridge ahead, the motorist would be warned accordingly.
  • This year, Bosch will introduce a safety app for smartphones that will warn motorists if they are going the wrong way on a one-way street. The app does so by comparing the vehicle’s route to a map that indicates right-of-way. The system also will warn other motorists in the immediate area if a vehicle is going the wrong way.
  • An app developed by Bosch will allow motorists to adjust the central heating in their house before they arrive home.
  • Bosch said it is showing a new type of touchscreen that can generate different surface textures — allowing elements to be felt on the display. “This feedback makes it easier to operate infotainment applications such as navigation, radio, and smartphone functions,” Bosch said in a statement.


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