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Infiniti Exhibition at the 2016 London Art Fair Set to be a Huge Hit

Infiniti unveiled probably one of its most controversial models at the opening of the 2016 London Art Fair at the Islington Business Centre today. Located just outside of the shows entrance, Infiniti revealed a Q30 with a difference. With the help of contemporary artist Rachel Ducker, renown for her human like figures, 48,000 copper tacks have been painstakingly adhered to half of the Q30’s bodywork creating a striking ‘carpet like’ appearance that further highlights the vehicles strong and dynamic bodylines.

Leaning out of the side window is one of Rachel’s human like steel wire figures. With her two-tone coloured hair flowing outwards and positioned to appear as if blowing in the wind, the dynamic figure brings the vehicle to life.

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From one side the Q30 is untouched to demonstrate how the new active compact car looks, but the other side is fully covered in the copper tacks. From a distance the car looks as though it is covered in a layer of long copper coloured hair but to the touch the sharp heads of the tacks can be felt, just like a bed of nails. These tacks were specifically chosen due to the ability of the copper colour to radiate a variety of different shades depending on the light conditions and angle of viewing; similar to the Liquid Copper Q30 launch colour.

Rachel Ducker, a self-confessed car nut, spends most of her time living either in Oxford or Marrakech these days, but made a special appearance at the show to not only reveal the Q30 but to also meet with the Infiniti Car designer Simon Cox to discuss the thoughts behind the project.

The Q30 will be on display outside the entrance to the show from Tuesday 19th to Sunday 24th January.

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Infiniti also opened a display area of their own inside the show. Situated alongside the show’s Photo50 exhibition space, Q30 continued to be the main theme with a photographic display, taken by several social media influencers during a recent test drive of the Q30 in Lisbon. Alongside these images, professional photographers and influencers Michael Schulz (@Berlinstagram) and Josh Rubin (@coolhunting) also show their skills behind a lens.


Michael Schulz, an urban photographer, was on the stand to show off his work in person. In October 2010 he took his first iPhone picture and uploaded it to Instagram. Soon after that, he discovered Instagram’s vibrant community and the possibilities of photo editing apps. Within three years his iPhonegraphy account @Berlinstagram ( became one of the most popular German Instagram accounts with over 300,000 followers.

Michael’s images show his adventures around the streets and underground spaces of Berlin taking in the surroundings and atmosphere of the iconic city, alongside a Q30, capturing the moments on his camera and smartphone. These moments are also displayed on one of the Infiniti stand walls.

Josh Rubin’s work can be seen with the aid of a supplied video headset on the Infiniti stand, visitors will be able to move their viewing perspective to exactly where they want and get an unparalleled 360°view of the Infiniti Q30 and its stunning surroundings as Josh drives through Krakow. Josh is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of cool, an award-winning online publication that showcases the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. A trained interaction designer, editor and photographer, Josh is based in NYC but often travels the world to uncover his next inspiration.

The Infiniti stand (S6) can be located on Gallery Level 2 of London Art Fair 2016, adjacent to its curated Photo50 exhibition. During VIP day and throughout the rest of the week all invited VIP guests of the Fair and its exhibiting galleries are provided with a chauffeur driven Infiniti to deliver them to and from the venue in premium style.

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