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Used car dealers, can we find a 100% honest dealer?

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Just like property agents who will promise in their advertisements and in person great build quality, best materials, unbeatable value, fantastic location, future value appreciations and solid well renowned developer for all their properties for sale, the used car dealer gives buyers the same statements when advertising a used vehicle online……… and some even more interesting statements like VVIP owner, accident free, king of car condition, low mileage and so on.

What difference does it make if the owner is a VVIP? Does it make the car more desirable? Is the VVIP owner someone who maintains a car better than the average person? The there is just the VIP owner…….missing one V means a cheaper price? Think about it!

What is ‘king of car condition’? Did some king drive it? Did a royal own it? It is so wonderful that is supersedes ‘prince of car’ or average man of car? Think about it!

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Gimmicks, salesman talk, made up definitions and smooth selling statements that have been used over and over to persuade car buyers over the Internet to visit the car dealership where they will lay down the final hook to ‘reel’ you in for the frying pan. You then become the main dish. Served up for the slaughter. Think about it!

Yes, this is used car buying at its best and sadly there is no strong legal recourse if you get a ‘lemon’ or better known as a clunker. The disappointing used car that you HAVE to live with until your car loan is settled or sooner if possible.

Used car dealers want to get you to come to their showroom where they can work on you so that you will drive away a car from their lot and they can laugh all the way to the bank. This is why what you read in a used car advertisement is not all true…mostly not true……..mostly made up. Think about it!

This million ringgit industry has no proper regulation and just about anyone with capital can start the business. The ‘big dealers’ can pay off the law to chase you away and the smaller ones have ‘tough guys’ to take care of you if you return making a fuss.

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Still, you need to buy a used car and the used car dealers make it easy with financing and insurance and ‘runners’ to do the road transport (JPJ) and Puspakom documents.

Let me inform you that you can easily do all this yourself. The JPJ has made it very easy and fast to do the transfer yourself. Just start early in the morning and by lunchtime latest your Puspakom inspection (which is the first thing you do and is very fast when you get to the centre early) and road transport (JPJ) transfer will be done. I have done it myself and so can you. No runner fees and you get the documents done by yourself.

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