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With A Budget Of RM90,000 What Stylish USED Car Can I Loan?

Yes, the question today when looking for a used car is what car can I loan…..not what car can I buy. With stricter car financing terms and banks issuing statements to used car dealers that they have run out of funds for car loans, the market is experiencing tough times like in the 1999 when the last market turmoil hit the country.

This time around the banks and financial institutions are not waiting for the worst to initiate a freeze and instead they are issuing pre-warnings to cushion any blow that is on its way.

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Malaysia without a doubt has a large appetite for cars, used, reconditioned and new. So when the market gets a ‘cold’ the first to be hit will be the car sector before the market starts ‘sneezing’. This is why we are looking at what is available for a person looking for stylish wheels that will still be able to get financing and not lose too much after 4-5 years of ownership.

We did a search online at and found some interesting cars that have depreciated a lot in the past 5-6 years. Cars that has style. Cars that have 1st owners who have suffered the highest deprecation in their hands. Cars that banks and financial institutions are still willing to offer a 4-5 year loan and a breathable interest rate.


First up was the 2011 BMW 3-Series. A firm favourite with many and still quite stylish. With petrol and diesel versions for sale, we looked more towards a diesel year 2011 BMW 320i. Now with BHpetrol offering a high quality Euro5 diesel in many of their stations, running a BMW diesel will have little problems. This car when new sold for between RM200-250,000 depending on pre-registration values and dealer discounts. The first owner would have done all the necessary to keep the car running well as it came with a BMW factory warranty. Now 4-5 years later, this car commands a sensible RM82-88,000 only in the used car lot. You get keyless entry and ignition, sporty handling and that BMW drive experience. After living with this car for 4-5 years expect a price of between RM35-40,000 in the used car market which is not a high loss. Take note that running and maintenance costs for this BMW, like all other BMW’s will be rather high as spare parts are not reasonably priced.


If a BMW is not your cup of tea, then we have another stylish car for you to consider. The sleek, suave and sexy Volkswagen Passat CC. This 2.0TFSI powered coupe like sedan still looks great after 5 years on the road. Priced new at RM228,000, today a well looked after Passat CC can be yours for under RM90,000. The ownership experience has its ups and downs but there are now many well trained and equipped mechanics that will take good care of your CC. Loan is still available and the interior wears time well. Drive and enjoy the CC for another 4-5 years and expect a little over RM50,000 in the used car lot. Now much will be lost in depreciation and your running costs will not leave you without a nice wardrobe.


Our final suggestion is from the land of the rising sun and a brand that needs no introduction. The Lexus IS sedan was designed to rival the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes C-Class. It’s not as hard edged as the 3-Series nor is it soft like the C-Class. The IS sedan is a combination of both and executed to a highest standard that Lexus has been proud of for years. When new, the Lexus IS250 with its V6 engine was selling for RM320,000 and today some 5 years later it fetches just RM85,000. The biggest drop in value but the easiest to maintain with the lowest parts pricing and the best reliability. You cannot go wrong with buying an IS250 unless you have a car that has been abused. 4-5 years later when you decide to upgrade your wheels, this IS250 will probably still fetch between RM45-50,000 leaving you with a smile on your face and probably the decision to buy another used Lexus.

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So, 3 stylish used cars presented with good possible loan financing and little lost after use when compared to their first owners who took heavy financial beatings in values. To buy a new car has now become less interesting after reading this? I hope this helps. Happy shopping.

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