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Your Car Battery Needs Some Care, We Explain


Today, car batteries can cost hundreds of Ringgit to replace and you want to do all you can to also avoid an inconvenient battery failure too. For a lot of people their car battery is a install/replace and forget item in the engine bay, relying on it to start their vehicle time after time and only giving it any attention when it no longer does its job! It is even more forgotten today as most car buyers purchase a ‘maintenance free’ car battery.

Mechanic changing car battery

But there are some simple car battery care tips you can follow to help your battery give you as many years of good, reliable service as possible.

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Car Battery Care Tips:

  • Avoid allowing your battery to go flat (headlights on, radio on when engine of) If your battery does go flat, avoid jumpstarting it, it should be recharged first
  • Drive your vehicle regularly to keep your car battery fully charged
  • Keep your engine in good shape, an engine that is running at its best is easier on your battery
  • Have your mechanic/an auto electrician check to ensure your battery is receiving the correct charge from your alternator
  • Avoid leaving vehicle accessories on regularly as constant recharging may shorten the life of your battery
  • Keep the car battery case clean
  • Keep the battery terminals clean

Next it is a little effort on your part and your car battery will serve you a little longer than most others.


Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

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