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Honda CR-V Year 2002 Used Car Review


The name CRV is supposed to mean Comfortable Runabout Vehicle and that is exactly what this popular product from Honda is. The CRV shines as an all-wheel-drive machine for the urban tarmac. Walk into any hypermarket car park and you will see many ladies loading groceries into their CRV.

This CR-V’s 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine is the car’s overall pride and joy. A 2-liter, 16-valve number that supplies 150 bhp at 6500 rpm and 194 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. The weight to power ratio returns a time to 100km/h of about 11 seconds. That doesn’t sound particularly fast and zippy, but it is reasonable for a 4×4 and it does not disappoint on the highway as well. Maintenance is a breeze and parts are never a problem either used or new. The engine’s note is however unappealing just like most other family type vehicles from Honda but then most buyers are not looking for a race vehicle.

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The 1992 CR-V comes with a four-speed automatic that provides decent acceleration. The interior of this CR-V’s is a wash of drab gray plastic which is pretty boring after the stylish exterior, which mimics the lines and looks of the Freelander from Land Rover. Ergonomics overall is very good with decent space in front and enough room for three adults in the rear with elbowroom included.

Drive a 20-year-old CRV and it revs smoothly and makes this CR-V an overall champion when it comes to the interior noise suppression.  Generally, the 2nd generation Honda CR-V is one very good family of lifestyle vehicle, thanks to its creamy smooth i-VTEC engine, revised transmission system over the 1st generation CRV, improved dynamics and complete safety equipment.  There were many units sold to families, single adults as well as baby boomers.

Goodyear 650x85(DSF)

The best part is that most owners have done little in terms of aftermarket accessories or engine modifications. Therefore there are only a handful of units that have been abused. Also CRV owners are not prone to jungle bashing or taking in logging tracks. Almost 99.99% of CRV’s would have never left the tarmac and the worst elements they might have encountered is a flash flood in the city. We have seen a number of 2nd generation CRV owners trading up to the newer CRV as they are totally assured with its claim of reliable family friendly motoring and good ownership experience. This means that if you are in the market for a well-maintained unit then take your sweet time and look at a few units before making a decision as there are plenty in the used market.


Priced from RM25,000, this 2nd generation Honda was  a best seller after the success of the 1st generation. Spacious interior but only a 5 seater, this was Honda’s pride and joy as it sold well as a new car and also as a reconditioned model. You get 2-airbags and a large boot. The facelifted i-VTEC model from 2006 sells from RM34,000 and offers more equipment and better fuel economy. Plenty of used units in the market today.


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