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The Motorcycle Evolution

Two wheels and a big engine between your thighs. This is what male wet dreams are made of. Most little boys grow up wanting to ride a motorcycle, the bigger the better. They start with their bicycles and when they get of legal riding age the small scooter or moped becomes the start of their 2 wheel journey.


Look around any large city today and you will see middle age men taking on the joy of the open road with large capacity motorcycles. This new craze is a phenomenon that is growing around the world but its fastest growth has been seen in Asia where the rising middle class has realized the joys of owning and riding a large capacity motorcycle or a stylish cruiser and even more inspiring are the high performance sports bikes that we have seen racing along roads and highways.


As petrol prices continue to rise to figures unseen before in Asia, as well as around the world, millions of Asians are looking at petrol-friendly modes of transportation as public transportation in most countries are lacking to compete with the super efficient systems seen in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

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Still, many residents in these cities still rather have a motorcycle for daily transport as it just makes moving about the city fast, easy and with low cost. Among the options available are scooters and motorcycles, which are quickly becoming sought after and a popular form of urban transportation.

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Motorcycles are much more practical for inner city commute and they also provide a seamless connection between the road and the rider. For one thing, its compact size makes parking much less of a hassle and easier over the smallest compact car. It also consumes much less petrol because it requires less power to operate. However running a large engine super bike or easy rider might not exactly be cheaper to run in the long run as spare parts, servicing and even tires and battery costs can sometimes be more costly than an average sized car.


However the large powerful motorcycle has become sexy today and part of mainstream fashion. With the growing number of models coming out every year, consumer demand for higher quality and more flashy motorcycles have increased. Correspondingly to this, motorcycle accessories have also become more in demand. Items like shoes, shirts, t’shirts, watches and even jeans are being sold at motorcycle boutiques. In fact, the motorcycle, being naturally smaller and more intricate than cars, makes for an interesting design and this gives motorcycle manufacturers the opportunity to tap into a unique following created by the rise in super bike racing events which have a growing following just like Formula 1 and GT racing.

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Whether the motorcycle craze is simply a fad or if it is here to stay is no longer a question. The growing awareness of climate change and the need to conserve energy has seemingly permanently shifted consumer preferences for gadgets, vehicles and other items which have a lower carbon footprint. The fact that motorcycles can also easily become fashionable icons is a bonus that will surely boost further creativity in the fashion industry. Motorcycles have moved away from just being teen rebel icons into a surprisingly more glamorous and sophisticated category. Let’s look at how we can also join this latest fad.

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