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What Exactly is Mazda’s i-ActivSense Technology? [Part 2: Safety Features]

Last week, we looked at what Mazda referred to whenever it mentioned ‘SKYACTIV Technology’. We covered the core ingredients: the gasoline engine, transmissions, regenerative braking system as well as the chassis.

For part 2 we thought we’d give you a set of videos explaining ‘i-ACTIVSENSE’, another term that Mazda have come up with to cover a group of technologies. Mazda likes to make their cars feel very organic – like extensions of their drivers. With that in mind, they thought it was fitting for a modern Mazda to have senses of its own in order to feedback information to the driver and to keep him or her safe.

That’s the idea behind i-ACTIVSENSE. Some of the features shown here aren’t standard on all Mazdas sold in Malaysia, but many are optional or standard. Make sure you ask your local Mazda dealer before making an order, as specifications on various models change from time to time.

Goodyear eagle 650x85(DSF)

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