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Mitsubishi EVO7 Used Buy Review

One of the most recognisable cars in the market today is the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO. Even a 17-year-old kid can spot one on the road. The stock Lancer was never admired and desired until recently when the 10th version arrived with class leading looks, but its previous siblings were never seriously considered with families and yuppies. The reasons were simple. Since the inception of Proton, Mitsubishi’s presence here in Malaysia has been very small expect for the rally dominated EVO series. This was one of the best EVO’s to come from Mitsubishi. The EVO VII.


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The Evo VII was a tough car from the word go. Its interior was especially well built and after a few years of wear by a few owners will suffer far fewer squeaks and rattles that plague the EVO6. The engine in standard tune will dish out good power even in today’s automotive world…starting from 276bhp.

When looking at a used unit check the suspension and also to have a good look for any signs of accident repair. Look for accident damage such as misaligned panels and paint overspray. Also make sure that the car has been serviced well and on time by a competent workshop. The Evo VII in standard tune will do an easy 5.3 seconds to 100km/h and a top speed of 250km/h. If you can afford to buy, maintain and fuel it, there’s not a lot to touch the Evo VII for a combination of performance, handling and practicality.

Prices today hover between RM85,000 to RM95,000 depending on what the owner has done with his EVO VII. An unregistered unit might cost about RM110,000 but you will get a unit that has low mileage, little mods, lower interest rate and possible 100% loan margin from the dealer. It will also be easier to sell later as you are the only owner locally. If you prefer the EVO VII GTA then expect to pay RM10-15K more. Crash damaged and abused car are plentiful with locally registered cars and if you find colour changes, rattling interiors and engine block numbers that have been changed then walk away and keep searching. Trust me, there are many better units out there.

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