Published on July 5th, 2016 | by Subhash Nair


Find These 4 New Peated Malts at the RP Entertainment Centre @ The Saujana Hotel KL

Are you a whiskey aficionado? Head on down to the The Saujana Hotel’s RP Entertainment Centre for an exquisite new range of distinct single malt whiskeys. Their newly opened whiskey bar now serves four of peated malts from Scotland and Ireland, each with a unique flavour.

Starting with the Ardmore – a lightly peated Highland malt with a creamy, sweet flavour that ends with a tang of peat and a strong spicy flavour. The Connemara on the other hand takes the peaty flavour a step further but has a much more agreeable aftertaste. Its flavour is difficult to pin down though some might prefer something with a stronger bite.

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For the seasoned drinkers, there’s the Bowmore. Made on the sparsely populated isle of Islay, this critically acclaimed whiskey can be found in its 12 Year Old form, offering an interesting, complex taste.


Finally, there’s the Laphroaig. Hints of seaweed, full bodied and more peaty than almost anything else in existence. Find these four and many more unique whiskies at the RP Entertainment Centre’s Whiskey Bar. Oh, and make sure you don’t drive home after.


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