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Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure Review: The Value-for-Money Workhorse

The previous Mitsubishi Triton was quite the head turner. It brought to the segment some bold design ideas and featured more curves than any of its rivals. Building on the success of that design, Mitsubishi released the all-new Triton. That’s right, despite appearances, the 2016 Triton is a new vehicle in almost every way.

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Introduced about a year ago to the Malaysian market, the Triton may not represent the cutting edge of pick-up truck technology the way the Ranger does, but it does do many things better than the competition. First off, it has the most powerful engine in its class with a whopping 400Nm of torque and 178PS available at a moment’s notice. Under 2500cc, this is pretty much all the power you’re going to get out of a diesel engine, and it’s nice to see Mitsubishi take the lead in this respect.

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You really feel it too. The 5-speed automatic transmission is still relevant and reliable in 2016. As the diesel unit doesn’t need to rev too high to get to its maximum power output, there’s no need for a 6th or 7th gear ratio as long as you’re abiding by the speed limit.  There is a sport mode setting on the transmission which will allow you to sequentially select the ratio you desire.

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The suspension setup is classic pick-up here: double wishbones in the front for improved performance around corners and leaf springs at the rear for maximum carrying capacity. It’s definitely not performance oriented but strikes a good balance between utility and comfort.


This is most pronounced for rear passengers. The Triton has by far the thickest, softest rear seats and enough legroom to seat 3 adults in comfort. Seating 2 would enable the use of the pull-down centre armrest. The interior design isn’t anything flashy, but compared to pick-ups from a decade ago, the Triton is far more elegant and passenger car-like.


The Triton also features a number of accessories that are absent on its competitors. From paddle shifters made of magnesium to a reverse camera, Mitsubishi haven’t been stingy with equipment on the VGT Adventure version of the Triton. There’s even a push to start button here that you don’t find on more expensive alternatives.


Switching to 4WD or low range is done simply by turning a knob on the centre console. Some other functions in the car are similarly simplified. The auto headlights and wipers for instance show that Mitsubishi have put their resources into

Goodyear f1 650x85(DSF)

Periodically, Mitsubishi release limited edition versions of the Triton. Currently, the ‘Triton Knight’ is on offer. It features more aggressive bumpers as well as a matte black finish on many of the vehicle’s otherwise chrome parts. But if aesthetics aren’t particularly important to you, the Triton VGT Adventure will offer an extremely practical workhorse with plenty of current gen amenities.

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The Triton features dual zone climate control and steering mounted controls for your phone and the vehicle’s cruise control function. A decent sound system is accessed through a large touch screen. The infotainment unit works with Bluetooth, MP3, USB, and CD inputs and functions as a display for the reverse camera too.


In terms of safety, the Triton VGT Adventure comes with loads of passive safety systems like a collapsible steering column and brake pedal as well as ABS and EBD.

For the price it’s offered, the only real downsides of the Triton is the low airbag count, absence of ESC and a rather loud engine . Of course, you’d expect this from a diesel engine, but modern powerplants of this sort do more to get noise levels down.

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But of course, most pick-up owners are looking for reliability and toughness over anything. In that sense, the Triton is one of the few remaining pick-up trucks that can cater to the blue-collar demographic while still appealing to the passenger car buyer with an active lifestyle.


Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure Specifications

Engine: 2.5L Diesel with Variable Geometry Turbocharger

Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic with Sports Mode

Displacement: 2,477

Power: 178PS @ 4000RPM

Torque: 400Nm @ 2000RPM

Price: RM108,128.87

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