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Latest Mercedes E-Class comes with segment best technology

This new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the 10th-generation of the business saloon, delivers stylish highlights with its distinct, emotive design and high-grade interior. The new E-Class also marks the world premiere of numerous technical innovations. They enable comfortable, safe driving on a new level plus a new dimension in driver assistance, among other things. All this comes complete with infotainment and control systems offering an all-new experience.

Automated Parking. A car that can steer itself into a parking space is no longer news, but the E-class ups the wow factor by parking itself while the “driver” stands outside of the vehicle. The driver tells the car where to park via the Remote Parking Pilot app on a previously paired, Bluetooth-connected smartphone, so in that sense he is still “driving” the vehicle. The car can manoeuvre into a perpendicular space, parallel park, or pull forward into a tight garage. The driver initiates the manoeuvre by tracing a circle on the smartphone and must continue that action for the car to keep moving. The phone also needs to be within 10 feet or so of the car.

Automatic Braking. Automatic braking to avoid or mitigate a crash has been bundled with forward-collision warning for a while, but the new E-class can initiate braking earlier (when the system detects that an evasive manoeuvre is not possible), and it works under more scenarios, including cross traffic entering the lane (also when backing up) or a pedestrian stepping out into your path. In the latter scenario, the driver is further aided by Evasive Steering Assist, which adds torque to the steering to help the driver swerve correctly to avoid the person. It does not, however, initiate the steering action. You still have to do that.

Car-to-X Communication. The E-class takes the first baby steps toward a future of car-to-car communication. Using the vehicle’s built-in data connection, the driver can push a button on the screen to indicate a road hazard such as an accident, a disabled vehicle, or icy pavement. The alert goes to a dedicated computer network that can analyse it and then send out alerts to other, similarly equipped Mercedes vehicles in the area (keyed to those that are most likely to encounter the hazard, based on their current route). The warning consists of an icon on a map and then, when the car is closer, an audible warning. The system also is set up to automatically receive alerts triggered via airbag deployment or even cars with their hazard lights on. Later, the system could receive alerts from emergency vehicles or from other manufacturers’ vehicles, as the German automakers are working on a common car-communication standard. The more vehicles that are reporting in, the better the information going out will be.

Adaptive LED Matrix Lighting. Introduced on the CLS for 2014, Mercedes’ Multibeam LED headlamps are enhanced for the 2017 E-class. The individual LED count increases from 24 to 84, each individually controllable switching between high- and low-beams, and the curve-following adaptive-lighting functions are now achieved entirely via electronics. The light pattern is also altered in city driving or via information from the navigation system (such as when approaching intersections). Additionally, the light unit glows blue, which just looks cool.

The sum total of its innovations makes the E-Class the most intelligent saloon in the business class. The all new E200 Avantgarde sells for just RM395,888.00. In all Mercedes Benz showrooms now.



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