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How do you get Sheer Driving Pleasure from a used car? We explain!

Looking for a luxury used car but worried about getting scammed by the dealer? Your friends have shared horror stories about the used car buys and the endless workshop visits that came after the purchase. You want be behind the wheel of a premium car but can’t yet afford a brand new unit. You do not want to take the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year depreciation hit on a new luxury car?


Yes, the above are some of the reasons why the used car market thrives and this is also why BMW decided it was best to handle their own used car sales. Well, they have many 1st owner BMW customers who trade in well looked after BMW’s after 3-4 years of ownership as these are buyers who have the financial means and also the love for a new car every few years.


This puts a lot of used well maintained BMW’s on the market year after year and BMW has a division called ‘BMW Premium Selection’ (BPS) which takes in traded-in BMW vehicles (Mini included) and gets them ‘ready’ for a new owner.

So what does BPS do to ensure you enjoy sheer driving pleasure.


There are many good reasons for choosing a BMW Premium Selection vehicle. Let us explain further.

Choosing a BMW Premium Selection pre-owned vehicle means you can be sure of having made a good decision. This is because the vehicle will have already successfully completed extensive checks before it receives the BMW Premium Selection certificate. The BMW Premium Selection vehicle also lets you enjoy a wide range of warranty and mobility services. When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you want to know everything: about the previous owners, customer service, any accidents and repairs. This is why every certified pre-owned vehicle from BMW also has a complete, approved vehicle history.


Each BMW Premium Selection vehicle comes with a range of features you wouldn’t usually expect from a used car, including:

  • 75 Plus Point Check by factory-trained BMW technicians
  • One year or 50,000km BMW scheduled servicing
  • One year (12-month) or up to 200,000km warranty from BMW
  • One year (12-month) BMW 24-7 roadside assistance
  • One year BMW accident management

BMW Premium Selection vehicles are fitted with nothing other than genuine BMW parts and accessories, and come with complete BMW service histories to prove it.


The all important BMW Premium Selection Checklist.

  1. Full service history.
  2. Next applicable service, if necessary, is carried out.
  3. Accident and body check for visible signs of accident damage.
  4. Check paint for defects.
  5. Minimum 3mm of tread across the entire width, including the spare wheel, if there is one in the boot.
  6. Check the complete brake system.
  7. Check shock absorbers for leaks and replace if necessary.
  8. Check battery condition.
  9. Check all electrical systems.
  10. Electric mirrors, windows, sunroof, central locking and interior lights all in full working order.
  11. Check that seat belts meet all legal requirements.
  12. All fluid levels to BMW Group specifications.
  13. Check clutch, brakes and transmission for correct operation.
  14. Check that wiper blades and washing system are operating correctly.
  15. Test-drive for performance and noise.


Owning a BMW is a status symbol, a mark of recognition and quality. BMW Premium Selection offers you the confidence, comprehensive support and complete peace of mind that only an authorized dealership can provide. Only a select few vehicles are chosen for the Premium Selection, and each one must meet BMW’s impeccable standards. Now it is time for you to meet your very own quality used BMW vehicle.

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