Perodua’s Compact Car Success


Published on October 27th, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Perodua’s Compact Car Success

Perodua factory2

Take a drive anytime of the day or night. Anywhere between the 24-hours in a day and you will definitely see a Perodua on the road. The Myvi, Kancil, Kelisa to even the Kenari. Hatchbacks all of them in various sizes and forms, they have taken over Malaysian roads. Perodua’s success has been simple. Build a car with the following ingredients;

  1. Compact evergreen design
  2. Tried and tested engine
  3. Common gearbox
  4. Simple cabin features
  5. Easy seating for the driver
  6. Wide opening doors for all sizes to get in and out
  7. Light steering feel
  8. Good air-conditioning
  9. Decent safety features
  10. Common parts bin to save on costs

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Then the management of Perodua did the next very important step. They ensured all after-sales outlets follow strict guidelines in ensuring Perodua cars stay on the road more than in workshops.


Perodua factory1

Their recipe for success has been the following;

  1. Keep a strict check on parts pricing
  2. Make sure parts availability is never lacking
  3. Make sure dealers know their products better than their spouses
  4. Treat all customers like premium car buyers
  5. Provide the best warranty possible
  6. Ensure used car values stay high and depreciation low

Perodua Myvi 1.5_3_4_BACK RIGHT

The typical Perodua buyer has not age segment. The very young new car license holder to the retired driver nearing 85-years old can be seen in a Perodua. This is the ‘magic’ of the brand where all their models have seen sales success. Even the 11-year old Myvi is still selling well.



The Perodua Bezza which is the latest product has been a hot seller with 22,000 plus units delivered as you read this and this shows the strength of the Perodua brand and the strength of its demand.

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