Published on December 12th, 2016 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Be careful in the rain……don’t drive beyond your capabilities

The heavy rains are back in Klang Valley and flash floods have been emerging every other day in the past week. Wet roads will double your stopping distances so it is best to increase the distance between your car and the car in front to prevent an accident.


Wipers and headlights are especially important – keep your windscreen clear and don’t use your high beam headlights unless the road ahead is clear. High beam headlights can dazzle oncoming drivers and reduce your calculations of your actual position on the road.

GoodYear wet

It is important to use your rear fog lights only when appropriate. When visibility is severely limited, rear fog lights make you more visible to other traffic, but if used improperly they can mask your brake lights. Also take extra care when overtaking other vehicles, particularly large trucks and buses which will throw-up a lot of water spray from their large tyres.


Be on the lookout for puddles and standing water at the roadside. Driving through it too quickly can reduce your visibility and that of other vehicles. In extreme case it can also lead to aquaplaning. This is where water breaks the contact between your car’s tyres and the road. If your steering goes light while driving through water, don’t brake or steer, just ease off the accelerator pedal and wait until you have passed through the water before you try to brake or steer again.


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