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Continental Tyre and Automotive Malaysia Works With ASEAN NCAP for ‘Stop The Crash’ 2016 Campaign

Continental Tyre & Automotive Malaysia, the leading German tyre manufacturer has joined ventured with MIROS and ASEAN NCAP in creating awareness about the importance of safe driving through correct tyre pressure at the recent “Stop The Crash” campaign. A number of other brands have joined this movement as well in making this a day of education and hands-on experience to those in attendance. The event lasted for 2 full days starting from 29th – 30th November 2016 at the Sepang F1 Circuit.


The event was launched by the Minister of Transport Malaysia, YB Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai along with the Secretary General of ASEAN NCAP Khairil Anwar, the Secretary General of Global NCAP David Ward and the Deputy General of MIROS & Chairman of ANCAP Prof. Wong Shaw Voon. The objective for Continental Tyre & Automotive Malaysia to come on board was that as a company to showcase to the public on safe driving via proper tyre pressure and the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) technology. Thus the joint venture, where a station was set up for the tyre division in showcasing the proper tyre pressure check steps and guides for the publics’ awareness while on the automotive end on the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in stabilizing cars during aggressive maneuvers or turns due to uncontrollable situations ie. switching lanes on wet road conditions.


Continental Tyre Malaysia was the sole tyre supplier involved and had the privilege to be a part of this auspicious event in educating the public on proper tyre pressure checks. The Tyre Safety Pressure Check station was visited by the Continental Tyre Malaysia Managing Director, Mr.Cameron Wilson and the Regional Account Manager of ASEAN & India OE PLT, Mr Tarik Goerguen.


As a partner of the Stop The Crash campaign, Continental brings full support all round in creating public awareness on all levels when it comes to tyre safety. This highlights the cruciality where proper Tyre Pressure does make a difference. From the slightest of inflated tyre pressure though may seem fine where in actual fact may create serious circumstances causing the car to swerve uncontrollably during aggressive manoeuvres.


The tyre pressure check station briefing for the public started off at Paddock 1 where the public were questioned on the importance of tyre safety. From there a short interaction was done in inquiring the differences between two different visual representations on a tyre that is underinflated and one that has an optimum level of tyre pressure. Naturally to the naked eye it would be tough to differentiate thus the importance of doing regular tyre checks is vital. From there, the attendees were directed towards the pit where Continental Tyre had 2 sets of BMW 320i vehicles fitted with Continental tyres to enhance the attendees’ experience. Driven by two professional drivers, where a safety briefing was firstly conducted informing the public that one car had a the normal amount of tyre pressure of 2.4 bar on both front and rear tyres where the remaining car had 2.4 bar on the front tyres but 1.4 bar on the rear tears. The main objective was to feature Safety within a controlled environment between the right tyre inflation compared to low tyre inflation.


A maximum number of 3 passengers per car excluding the driver for safety measures, where they will experience one car with the right amount of tyre pressure and then they would swap into the other car with the low amount of tyre pressure and vice versa. The driving experience procedure featured a quick lane change where it starts from 150m from the obstacle course. The cars would then accelerate to 65km/h maintain at the 3rd gear and then the accelerator would be released where the car would change lanes from right to left and stop, returning back to the starting line and the passengers would switch cars thus they will be able to experience both rides. This definitely stirred up some emotions from the public having to experience first-hand on the major difference due to even the slightest of tyre inflation.


This then concluded with a quick debrief where the public including members of the media and local University students to understand and be informed on the importance of tyre safety where the right amount of tyre pressure not only increases the lifespan of the tyre and has better fuel consumption when driving but also it saves lives. Continental has been a pioneer in road safety for more than 140 years. Today Continental takes the claim to the next level with Vision Zero. Continental has set an ambitious goal comprising three successive stages: zero traffic fatalities, zero injuries and finally zero accidents. With Vision Zero, driving safety becomes a lifestyle and not just a practice.


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