Published on December 18th, 2016 | by Subhash Nair


Tesla Owners Will Now Be Charged If They Leave Their Vehicles at Supercharging Stations for Too Long

Telsa has introduced a fleet-wide ‘Idle Fee’ that aims to increase the availability of Superchargers. This fee discourages owners from ‘charging and forgetting’ by charging owners 40 US cents per minute, for every minute their cars are left at the station once fully charged. A 5 minute grace period is given.


The Tesla app allows its owners to remotely monitor their vehicles, alerting them when their charge is nearly complete and again once fully chared, so the company hopes this new fee will not be a huge issue.


In fact, the company says it doesn’t aim to make money off of these new fees, and wants to use it solely to improve the availablility of Superchargers to those who truly need it.

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