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Malaysian Family Crossed 6 Indochina Borders on SYM Bikes

In an exciting family motorbike road trip journey that spanned across sixteen days and 6,011 km, expert biker and enthusiast Rusli Osman together with his wife Yong Suzi and his daughter Yong Sofea traversed six Indochina borders and returned to share their experience as well as some tips for those who may be keen to go on a similar adventure.

In a talk show style interview, Rusli and his family also pointed out the challenges, mysterious occurrences, as well as their experience with the SYM Sport Rider 125i and VTS200 motorbikes as their sole mode of transportation throughout the journey.

Prior to embarking, preparations such as obtaining supporting letters from embassies of the respective countries, as well as vehicle registration documents and insurance were made. Rusli also made sure that the motorbikes were fully prepared with new engine oil and a full tank.

DAY 1 – 16

Kicking-off their journey from SYM Headquarters in Penang, the family of three headed straight for the Thai border at Bukit Kayu Hitam and up the Thai Peninsula into Indochina, which led them through many interesting places including Hua Hin by the Gulf of Siam, up to Pattaya, Koh Khong Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Moc Bai at the Vietnam border, Siem Reap through the Wats of Cambodia, Udonthani, Kho Kao, Myawaddy in Myanmar and Kanchanaburi where the famous Durian Festival is held annually.

When asked what was the strangest thing that happened throughout their whole journey, the family cited a gravity-defying place in Mae Sot Thailand called Magic Hill, where they say vehicles roll up by itself due to electromagnetic fields at the top of the mountain.

“Most challenging part of the journey I have to say was Cambodia due to the fact that they drive on the other side of the road, so be prepared for that one!”cautioned Rusli.

“Heavy traffic at certain stretches in Thailand due to road upgrades made the journey much longer, and some of the road conditions were also challenging to maneuver, calculating it I think it was over 200 km on bumpy roads. But we got through, and we were happy with the suspension of our Sport Rider 125i and VTS200 motorbikes and its fuel consumption of approximately 48-52 per litre which got us through comfortably,” he added.

The digital LCD instrument cluster also came handy. “It shows multiple displays such as time, gear read-out, odometer, fuel and battery gauge which were really helpful for us to plan our journey ahead,” said Rusli.


When asked for tips for families who may be interested in making the same journey, Rusli’s first and foremost advice was to get yourselves prepared physically and mentally. Don’t forget to pack along necessities including food, drink, medicine and some clothes, which can be stored in the top box.

To get around, Rusli advised using a reliable GPS system like Google Maps, as well as putting on riding jackets, gloves, helmets, boots and other riding gear for safety. Also, don’t forget to bring a face mask for dusty roads like those in Cambodia as well as powerbank for smartphones.

“And don’t forget to put on your daytime running LED light throughout the ride and hazard light when you stop at the side to check for GPS directions or to use your phone. The bright front and rear LED and signal lights on our motorbikes are Euro 4 compliance and definitely gave us more confidence when we needed to signal to turn or to stop and ride at night, do make sure your lights are strong and bright for travel in unfamiliar conditions,” he added.

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