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The Only Way to Buy a New Suzuki in Malaysia

Suzuki closed shop in Malaysia last year, much to the dismay of many their loyal local fans. This was a car company that was very much in touch with the way Malaysians perceived Japanese cars – they were cheap to run, reliable, built to last decades and well-thought out. The designs were always pleasant to look at and down-to-earth.

Plus, they built cars that were well-priced while staying sufficiently modern.

Today, finding a new Suzuki can be quite the task. The showrooms have all been closed down. Perhaps there are still a few stray Swifts or SX4s left in stock, but officially the brand is no more here.

What if you really wanted all those traits in a car? Where could you look today?

The answer:

The Suzuki Proton Ertiga.

Yes, it bears the Proton badge. But this car is 99.9% Suzuki. Proton simply changed the badges and added a few pieces of trim.

We test drove it over the weekend and found the car to be extremely well-packaged. There was simply nothing to complain about when we considered just how low the asking price was.

And just how low IS the asking price? Consider this, it has:

  1. Air conditioning for the second row
  2. Seatbelts for 6, but room for 7
  3. A radio with USB playback
  4. Quick 3rd row seat Smart Access
  5. Mind-blowing efficiency (5 pax to Malacca and back for RM45 (avg 6.2L/100km) of petrol!)

With all that, as well as Suzuki build quality, they’re still only asking for RM62,000!

Most Malaysians are prepared to drop that kind of money for a sedan or hatchback, but we guarantee the Ertiga offers better value.

Check back for a full review later this week.

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