BMW 5-Series, G30, is the only sports sedan you will want to know about


Published on March 27th, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


BMW 5-Series, G30, is the only sports sedan you will want to know about

By the time you are reading this all new BMW 5-Series test drive review, the car is already in showrooms and hundreds of potential Malaysian buyers have already had a quick taste of the car. A touch and feel experience only. Not a test drive as yet. We on the other hand test drove this car in Portugal last year at its global unveiling and we were instructed politely to hold back this review until the right hand drive version arrived in Malaysia on the 27th of March 2017.

For the die-hard BMW 5-Series enthusiasts, the trawling of the internet would have brought them to many European and American motoring sites with full test drive reviews. So there is no real surprise here. Or is there?

Well we have a slightly different way of presenting this 5-Series to you. Read on to find out more.

First Impression

The design of this new BMW 5-Series remains the quintessential sporting business sedan. The exterior dimensions of the new car are only slightly larger than those of its predecessor. The new BMW 5-Series Sedan is 36 millimetres longer than the outgoing model (at 4,935 millimetres), 6 millimetres wider (1,868 millimetres) and 2 millimetres taller (1,466 millimetres). Its wheelbase measures 2,975 millimetres (+7 millimetres).

The NEW Key

Yes, we are impressed by the BMW Key! For buyers in this segment, they already have the nice home, the designer clothes, the nice shoes, the impressive job and a wristwatch to stake their claim in the ‘I have arrived’ club. Now comes the car…….yes it will definitely look and drive great, because BMW has to sell a lot of these cars like they always do and they have to make sure the buyers are supremely happy with its handling, power delivery and comfort.

It is a given rule that has been followed with every single BMW built and has been ‘beyond the call of duty’ for BMW engineers as some might say.

So what really takes this all NEW BMW 5-Series to the next level…..beyond the outgoing model…..and even beyond any German, English, Swedish and even Japanese competitor? It’s the Key! Its called the ‘BMW Display Key’.

Like the all new BMW 7-Series that rocked the luxury car segment at its launch, there was an ignition Key that did more than just start and lock/unlock the BMW. This was a Key that besides being able to direct your NEW BMW 5-Series into a parking space by remote control, this Key offers a host of other functions as well.

Remote operation of the air-conditioning and ventilation systems is just one example. The smart key includes a colour display with touch control, which provides information on the most important vehicle parameters. This means drivers can quickly check – even while they are out and about – whether they closed the windows, sunroof and doors when they parked their car. The car’s fuel level and remaining range are also shown on the key, along with any service information. It is charged by means of an inductive charger in the car or from a USB port. Impressive? Yes!

It is better behind the wheel?

Of course. You do not need a test drive it to feel it. BMW engineers have spent the last 5 years making sure this new 5-Series is lighter, tauter and more balanced. The new engine range propels this large sedan with little effort and you almost glide along perfect pavement. REAL drivers will be able to exploit corners faster, take in higher speeds on the highway without feeling the speed and with the ability to shave speed fast and effective when needed. Safety features have also been increased and made better to allow drivers to better enjoy their investment.

Are the cabin toys better?

Yes, and with even more intuitive controls. Gesture controls, larger screens, better heads-up display all add up to a greater and more rewarding cabin experience for the driver as well as the passengers.

Comfort increased?

Definitely yes in the front as well as the rear with increased legroom and elbowroom and the front seats that feel more like a lounge sofa, this BMW pampers its occupants.

This car or the new E-Class or perhaps the new Volvo S90?

Well, for current BMW owners the answer is obvious, they have been waiting for this faster, more agile and better equipped 5-Series. For new customers, it’s the test drive, price, family intervention and business appeal that makes the decision. For upgraders from a segment lower, all 3 vehicles offer their own special values and only after test driving all three cars in the same day can a decision be made by the buyer. YOU!

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