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Mazda is advancing safety initiatives in vehicles & people

With the aim of achieving an accident-free automotive society, Mazda’s Driver Attention Alert can help improve the safety of longer distance journeys by monitoring your attentiveness.

Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

Driver Attention Alert is designed to detect changes in driving that could be caused by fatigue.  The system works by ‘learning’ your driving style and monitoring the steering wheel angle and driving speed.  It then combines this with information from the forward sensing camera.  When it detects fatigue induced behaviour, the car periodically provides visual and audible alerts suggesting you take a break.

Lane Keep Assist (LAS) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

i-activsense LAS

Both Lane Keep Assist (LAS) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) are designed to help keep the car in the lane.  LAS uses the forward sensing camera to monitors road markings.  It then provides steering torque assistance and alerts the driver through steering wheel vibration and audible alerts.

LDWS detects the line markings on the road and alerts the driver to possible drifting.  The system also recognises if crossing the line is an intentional manoeuvre when the turn signal is used or the vehicle accelerates.  In that case it won’t sound an alert.

Blind Spot Monitoring System (ABSM) with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

i-activsense ABSM

Blind Spot Monitoring System (ABSM) does what is says on the tin.  It uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor to monitor blind spot areas and alert you to approaching vehicles when changing lanes.  It then flashes a symbol in the same door mirror as the indicated direction and makes an audible sound to warn the driver.

The same sensors are used in Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA).  When reversing, the car will monitor for vehicles approaching from both sides.  It then alerts the driver in the same way as ABSM.

Hill Launch Assist (HLA)

i-activsense HLA

Mazda’s Hill Launch Assist (HLA) is designed to take the stress out of hill starts.  This system holds the break after you move your foot to the accelerator when it detects the car is on a slope.  It releases once acceleration is applied to create a smooth start.

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