The 4×4 pickup use and experience which you forgot about


Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


The 4×4 pickup use and experience which you forgot about

Malaysian city folks often forget how great it is to get out of the city at least once or better twice a month. Instead of spending time at the mall, trawling from shop to shop and eating food prepared in some central kitchen miles away and served to you with fancy cutlery, it is better to visit nature……it does not have to be Taman Negara or some 300 kilometer drive away. There is a nature spot at least within 50-60 kilometer radius of your home… just need to google it.

Many city dwelling Malaysians have invested in 4×4 pickups that never see a red earth trail or even an offroad trail. Now is the time to get that 4×4 system working for you.

It’s not just the love of camping that should be driving you, but more the excuse to plan a short day trip, pack up the 4×4 pickup of even your spanking new shiny Land Rover Defender and head off on as many weekend camping trips as you can fit in.

People are quick to find reasons why they cannot do this even once a month. These include: the ever increasing pressures of work, life in general, weekend commitments with the kids, financial constraints and not knowing where to start looking for camping gear.

The list just seems to go on and on. However, when they do eventually get out on a camping trip, they almost always ask themselves why don’t we do this more often? That is just what nature and fresh air does to you.

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